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Status: 04/30/2022 6:34 PM

The light show “Breaking Waves” opened the Hamburg International Music Festival, on Friday all performances were canceled for safety reasons. The Elbphilharmonie is now showing its premiere video.

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On Saturday, Elbphilharmonie Hamburg uploaded an almost eight-minute video of the stunning lighting to its YouTube social media channel. Show “Breaking Waves” from Dutch duo Drift consisting of Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta. The video shows hundreds of illuminated drones dancing around the west end of the port’s concert building on April 28. The second movement of Thomas Addis’ piano concerto can be heard.

Cancellation decision in coordination with aviation security authorities

The decision to cancel the follow-up offers was made on Friday in consultation with the aviation security authorities in Hamburg and Lower Saxony. The security situation was reassessed and the light fixtures were finally scrapped. She added that in the rehearsal of the show and at the premiere on Thursday, the artistic event was greatly disrupted by high-speed foreign drones. Several collisions occurred, and as a result, many drones crashed.

Culture Senator Carsten Prosda: “The Assault on Freedom of Art”

The Hanseatic city of Hamburg’s cultural senator, Carsten Prosda (SPD), was appalled by drone attacks on kinetic artwork: Targeted disturbances of art installation by studio DRIFT will not only prevent thousands from experiencing “breaking waves,” Prosda noted on Twitter, “a light show. “. “This is clearly also an attack on the freedom of art that an open society cannot accept.”

Unidentified drone pilots disrupt the ‘Breaking Waves’ light show

According to information from the aviation security authorities, air traffic disturbances of such severity and aggression have never occurred in Germany. This requires a reassessment of the security situation.

Since it cannot be ruled out that such crimes by unidentified drone pilots could occur again on Friday and in the following days, the continuation of “Breaking Waves” is not responsible for protecting viewers and staff, according to a press release.

Officials at Elbphilharmonie and artists from DRIFT are saddened and frustrated that they have to cancel the iteration of the light installation, which already delighted thousands of viewers in the premiere.

Concert operations continue as planned

Regardless, concerts will continue as part of the Hamburg International Music Festival. Alan Gilbert conducts the NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchestra at the second performance of Joseph Haydn’s “Creation” oration Friday night.

Concert scene: Alan Gilbert, NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchester and NDR Vokalensemble open the 2022 Hamburg International Music Festival together © Elbphilharmonie Photo: Daniel Dittus

video: Haydn’s “Creativity” at the Hamburg International Music Festival (118 minutes)

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Light installation at the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg © copyright moka-studio 2021

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