Charity Day of Hamburg Museums for Ukraine

On Sunday, May 8, 2022, the Hamburg State Museums are organizing a joint charity day for Ukraine. Hamburg Museum of Arts and Crafts, Museum Deichtorhallen Hamburg, Hamburger Kunsthalle, Foundation of Hamburg Historical Museums (Hamburg History Museum, Altonaer Museum, Museum of Labor and German Harbor Museum), MARKK Museum, Archaeological Museum Hamburg. The program and memorial to the Neuengamme concentration camp are a common sign of solidarity.

Several campaigns and events were planned. The motto here is “Donate instead of accept – Your visit to Ukraine”. All proceeds from the Charity Day go directly to the cooperating aid organizations Hanseatic Help eV, an aid network for survivors of Nazi persecution in Ukraine and MenschHhamburg eV With the historical date of Charity Day, Hamburg Museums also mark a sign of solidarity and for world peace: May 8 marks the anniversary The 77th Liberation from National Socialism and the end of World War II.

Dr. Carsten Prosda, Senator for Culture and Media: Russia’s aggressive war on Ukraine leaves us all dazed. We hardly thought that it was possible that 77 years after the end of World War II there would be another war in the heart of Europe. This day reminds us to make the pursuit of peace and freedom in Europe the core of our business.

Culture early began not only to show a clear position against the war and for solidarity with Ukraine, but also to help in a practical way. There has been and is tremendous solidarity and assistance in art and culture. This is also expressed in the Day of Benefit from the Hamburg Museums and the Neuengammee Monument.

With Relief Day and the various special program, the homes are opening up the rooms we now need to exchange as well as raise money so that we can provide very practical help to those who are suffering the most from the war in Ukraine.

My thanks go to the cultural institutions and also to the visitors who donate not only money, but also trust. This Relief Day is a clear sign of solidarity with the citizens of Ukraine, and especially on this day, a promise that the pursuit of peace and freedom will remain the basis of peaceful coexistence in Europe and the world.

Professor Tolga Bayerl, Director of the Museum of Arts and Crafts Hamburg: “It is about the people. It is about the people in Ukraine who have to experience the incredible and the suffering, and about the people in Hamburg who are committed and support Ukraine. For this reason, nine museums and memorials unite to work together for peace. It also gives trustworthy cooperation and great commitment on the part of All concerned are a clear sign of hope. I look forward to a day of spirited charity and the support of the many visitors.”

The Merit Day program at all participating homes, including guided tours and activities in Ukrainian, can be found soon on the websites of museums, memorial sites and exhibition houses.

Through this campaign, the homes would like to address in particular those residents of Hamburg who have taken in refugees from Ukraine to visit our city’s museums with them.

The following museums are offering free admission on May 8, 2022 for a donation:

  • Altona Museum
  • Archaeological Museum Hamburg and City Museum Harburg
  • Deichtorhallen Hamburg
  • Hamburg art fair
  • Monument to the Neuengami concentration camp
  • Rothenbaum Museum – Mark
  • Labor Museum
  • Hamburg History Museum
  • German Harbor Museum
  • Museum of Arts and Crafts Hamburg

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