Barbock at the Green State Council: “It’s about our project for peace in Europe”

Status: 04/30/2022 4:41 PM

Take responsibility rather than evade: At the party conference, Secretary of State Barbock called on the Greens to support Ukraine’s course for the federal government. Green leader Nouripur said they would remain a peace party.

German Foreign Minister Annalina Barbück called on the Green Party at the State Council in Dusseldorf to support the path taken by the federal government to support Ukraine and equip the German army. “In these moments, when the unthinkable becomes a bitter reality, we take responsibility and have to make decisions we could never have imagined before,” she said in a video contribution to the small party conference.

It’s “about our project for peace in Europe,” Barbock said. She is grateful that the Greens are willing to take responsibility and not turn away. It is a strength, not a weakness, of thinking about things in a new and different way. “Therefore, we say clearly and unequivocally, not only that we are on the side of the Ukrainians, but that we believe it is right that we are now jointly providing heavy weapons for self-defense to the Ukrainians.” “We’re squabbling over whether we’re doing enough. Because even with these weapons delivered, we don’t know when this war will end,” Barbock said.

No to a no-fly zone

Barbock has spoken out again against the creation of a no-fly zone over Ukraine. “We have to keep our cool,” no matter how sad you feel looking at the photos. “We have a responsibility to ensure that this war does not turn into a war across Europe for millions of other people.” There are concerns that imposing a no-fly zone would require NATO to shoot down Russian planes and engage in war.

Nouripur: The Greens remain a peace party

Green Party leader Omid Nouribor defended Ukraine’s military support against the Russian offensive, while at the same time declaring his commitment to peace. “We will always be a peace party,” Nouripur promised at the party conference. Barbock in particular did everything to prevent the war, but the Kremlin was not interested in it.

Nouripur went on to say that the Green Party, as the ruling party, is facing reality. This does not mean goodbye to efforts to find peaceful solutions to conflicts. Military deployment should only be a “very last resort”. The situation in Ukraine is now forcing the Greens to do things they would not have done a few weeks ago, including supplying heavy weapons. “Our job as Khadr is not to abandon the legitimate culture of military restraint that has historically grown. This is true and will remain so,” Nouripur said.

NATO’s goal of spending 2% of GDP on armaments every year is wrong. Nouribor, who submitted a proposal from the Federal Executive Committee on Ukraine policy, said the Green Party did not agree to solidify the Basic Law. However, the German army had to change dramatically, for example in procurement. But it is also important to use it against cyber attacks or against disinformation campaigns.

Nuribor has warned of global catastrophe if Russian President Vladimir Putin’s treacherous plan to blockade Ukrainian ports succeeds. Then important grain exports from Ukraine will be prevented and world hunger will increase. “He cannot be beaten for lack of conscience.” It is not only about helping people in Ukraine, but also preventing it.

Hasselman: Stop fighting now

“It’s not about compromise,” said group leader Britta Haselmann. The point is that the Russian government must stop all hostilities, and do so immediately. Russia’s Secretary of State for Culture Claudia Roth described Russia as an “impeccable dictatorship.” The culture and cultural identity of Ukraine must be destroyed. “Ukraine must be destroyed. It should be able to defend itself, as well as with heavy weapons. However, Roth cautioned against a one-sided discussion and from a spiral of armaments.”

Doubt when it comes to private assets

While there was a lot of support for Ukraine, many speakers expressed skepticism about the €100 billion special fund for the Bundeswehr. Of course, the German army must be well equipped, said Sebastian Hansen of the Würzburg-Land Provincial Confederation, but it is a matter of correct order. First you must make sure that the money does not leak out.

Therefore, he supports a request made by the Green Youth Organization, which calls for “reform of the procurement system and a determination on the basis of needs for the necessary military expenditures.”

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