A distorted mind: Putin has read a lot of bad books?

Is Putin still normal? Political scientist Gleb Pavlovsky (71 years old), formerly a fan of Boris Yeltsin and later of the current Russian president, now has his doubts: for him, Putin is at least a “dreamer” who has a turbulent relationship with reality: “He looks somewhere and sees something there that he does not see.” one”. So Putin is seen in the Kremlin as a “visionary”, Pavlovsky told the anti-government portal Holod.

The president has immersed himself in a world of “mysteries and wonders” and earnestly believes that Ukraine would have attacked Russia if he had not first: “Why does he think so? It is a dangerous form of distortion of what was once so sober a person’s mind. Putin is fighting against ghosts, unfortunately he threw The Russian army is in battle, with dire consequences. And the fact that the Ukrainians do not surrender only proves that he is right, in his perception. So they were really preparing for that war, and he hardly had time to strike him.”

A fateful book by secret intelligence man Viktor Suvorov

The deeper reason behind Putin’s misunderstanding is that he has read too many “bad” books, chief among them the sensational 1988 documentary “The Icebreaker – Who Started World War II?” By former KGB agent Viktor Suvorov (75). He claims without any evidence that Joseph Stalin intended to invade Europe in the fall of 1941. Hitler preceded the Soviet ruler with his attack in June 1941 and launched a “pre-emptive strike”. The thesis was discussed among historians, but was not taken seriously.

The political scientist Pavlovsky is convinced that Putin has come under Suvorov’s intellectual influence: “He actually did not like to criticize Stalin, and then suddenly said so forcefully that Stalin spoiled the response to the German attack in 1941. He would have warned in advance that we are.” Indeed, Putin and Stalin couple the increasing repression of reality. Putin has created a system in which he himself is now the main target of his own propaganda: “It works for him, controls him and sees what he sees best and what is worse. What he wants to see. And this is a bad situation. It results in the separation of the president from the real working situation.”

Expert: Everyone in the Kremlin is chasing everyone else

It is difficult to “assess” how much information Putin gets and what information he is getting: “The problem is that he doesn’t record anything. He wants to see things in a way that makes him right. It happened to stronger figures before him in the Kremlin, including Stalin. “. Pavlovsky, an insider in the Kremlin, believes that the president’s immediate environment forces him to smear every day for obvious reasons: “They are enemies to each other. All of them. But they cannot show it. They watch each other carefully and their main goal is to keep their distance from them if there is an opportunity to eliminate On others in the process, they do not miss this opportunity, but they are in the information bubble themselves, and they process the data to decide what to hand over to Putin and what to hand to their peers a closer circle.”

Meanwhile, the Washington Post has learned from its own sources that the wider circle of oligarchs and senior intelligence officials were in a “bad mood” after the outbreak of the war and are still at odds with Putin’s decision. Many wanted to go abroad, but one secret interlocutor said, “If everyone leaves, who will collect the broken pieces here? It’s like working at a nuclear power plant. Who will take over management if you leave? Passing the possibility that it will explode.” By the way, after a “vegetative stage” of repression, “bloody” times are now expected.

“The Kremlin does not know yet”

Pawlowski is skeptical of the peace negotiations. The capture of Mariupol is not enough for Putin as a sign of “victory, and it is clear that he can no longer occupy Kyiv:” So what then? Any big city or at least Donbass. In Putin’s entourage, “fear of the future” is already very large, unlike large sections of the population: “There is one distinguishing feature of our system – it does not give up. When it’s time to back off, things go wrong. They will radicalize their resistance. The Kremlin itself does not yet know how. “

Is Russia delayed twenty years?

According to the well-known Russian economic researcher Rostislav Kaplyushnikov (71 years), if in reality Putin remains a prisoner of his delusions, Russia is threatened with an economic setback of 15-20 years: “The current crisis will certainly be accompanied by a primitive process and a downsizing of the economy, because due to the disintegration of relations with the market world, and under the influence of sanctions, the Russian economy will have to return to more backward and less modern methods and technologies of production and exchange. ”

Goods and services that will remain available to the Russian consumer will be “less in quality and diverse” and some of them may disappear altogether: “Firstly, this directly affects consumer goods, and since Russian companies can no longer afford this in order to acquire modern equipment from abroad, they also have to Shift to poorer, less modern machines of production.

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