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Werder Bremen vs. Holstein Kiel live: Coach Ole Werner is looking forward to seeing Holstein Kiel again. Against his former club, he wants to take another important step towards promotion with the Green Eggs.

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SV Werder Bremen in the live video against Holstein Kiel: All goals, news and information from Wohninvest Weserstadion – all in the DeichStube live tape.

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Bremen – Werder Bremen In the live tape against Holstein Kiel: kick start Wesser Stadium 6:30 pm live tape Starts here around 5.30pm with the starting lineups for both teams. everyone Goals, news and information Manal 2 Bundesliga – everything He lives In the live tape The DeichStube.

Werder Bremen vs Holstein Kiel – Preliminary Report:

Promotion first, then holiday: Uli Werner doesn’t want to cool off with Werder Bremen even against ex-Holstein Kiel

subordinate SV Werder Bremen Nordclub welcomes with some injury concerns Holstein Keyl in residential investment Wesser Stadium (Friday, 6:30 pm local time DeichStube Live Tape). After the angry 4-1 win over Schalke 4, he wants the green eggs lead table Against the coach’s previous club Uli Werner Definitely keep it and drive the next trio. Initial report DeichStube!

In the end, there were really tough questions. Uli Werner It was the digital press conference before the match at home against Holstein Kiel (Friday, 6:30 p.m., DeichStube Live TapeAlready done, head coach of SV Werder Bremen Add an extra layer. Because of Girls’ and Boys’ Day on Thursday, a few young journalists joined in, who now put in a great performance – and so Werner suddenly had to talk about his vacation planning. “This is a very objective and very good question that has not yet been conclusively answered,” the 33-year-old explained with a laugh. “Of course it also depends on when our season ends. Anyway, it will be warm somewhere in the south. I can’t impose anything else, but that is also very nice for me.”

Werder Bremen vs Holstein Kiel – Uli Werner: “These are moments when you get goosebumps”

While some details remain to be worked out privately, Werner could have a huge impact on the search for the right time to leave with his squad. Table leader dashes without detours – that is drop – For promotion, vacation can start early. Another option for an early appointment would be to drop out of the promotion race, but no one at Weser really wants to make friends with that thought.

Since the fantastic 4-1 win over Schalke 04, there has been success Werder Bremen Anyway again a special atmosphere. The euphoria is finally back, between the city and the team there is this very special solidarity once again. “I never feel cold when thousands of fans greet us in front of the stadium. These are moments when you get goosebumps and you really want the match to start right away.” Uli Werner. “It shows how deeply people root for us and wish us that success.”

Werder Bremen vs Holstein Kiel: “Not feeling too much pressure can be a blessing and a curse”

If all goes well, it will almost certainly be said then Werder Bremen The whole city carried her upwards. But what seems so simple still has a lot to do with it. He might look too cute for him Discount Holstein Kiel After a near-perfect league not so much. “It can be a blessing and a curse at the same time when the team is not feeling that much pressure,” warned Clemens Fritz, head of professional football at Werder. So it is very important that we assess the situation correctly.”

Moreover Uli Werner He firmly anticipates that his players will once again have to push themselves to the limit or beyond. “Holstein Kiel He certainly will not hide behind him, he has a lot of experience on the field. A changing team is coming towards us, and they will look for their strength in possession.” “So we have to build on what we showed against Schalke last week in terms of intensity.”

Werder Bremen vs Ole Werner: “Holstein Kiel won’t hide”

And who should know better than he what “storks” can do? been for years Uli Werner Even at work there. “This is the club where I spent a large part of my career as a player and as a coach. This time and this club shaped me, where I learned the things that I use today.” But is this really an advantage for Werder Bremen he is? “I certainly know a lot of individual players and in general how the club works. But I don’t know the coach (Marcel Raab, editor’s note) well enough, so it may be that a lot of people in Kiel know how we want to work and play football.

Nearly a year ago, he was a team coach SV Werder Bremen My schedule is in a similar situation. After a strong overall season, he and his team dreamed of Kiel for a long time above In the first German league, before the big disappointment came. It shouldn’t happen to him again. Despite all the similarities, the 33-year-old also relies on the fact that there are significant differences. “The situations are not comparable in that we have a rhythm in the game and balanced competitive conditions because there is no difference in the team quarantine,” he explained. “At the time, it was just about how to get ready for a game in a couple of days and get enough people together that they can walk for about 90 minutes.”

Werder Bremen vs. Holstein Kiel – Uli Werner: “I will focus on leaving the field as a winner”

At that time, the Corona pandemic hit the Förde club like no other in Germany, and the whole team was forced to isolate several times. At the end of the season there was a huge program of catch-up matches and regular matches, which went well for a long time before the relegation lost its breath.

A lot has happened since then. Uli Werner the left Holstein Kiel In the early stages of the current season, now working for Weser, his former employer just wanted to stay awake this time. Now friendships should rest for 90 minutes. “There’s no one I’m particularly looking forward to, because I’m still in constant contact with many of them anyway,” the coach said. SV Werder Bremen. “In that regard, I will do my job and focus on leaving the field as winners.” After all, he still had a relaxing vacation to plan for. (MPU)

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