Sports Day 2000 in Mainhausen: Pain points and strategies for the future

More than 100 dealers came to Mainhausen on Sports Day 2000 Future to gather information and finally meet colleagues again.

New platform, new brand, new claim – three of the innovations with which the Sport 2000 wants to make retailers fit for the future. But retailers are also very concerned about current issues.

5126 prototype failed. That was James Dyson’s record until he revolutionized the vacuum cleaner market with his prototype number 5127. “High quality is always a result of high quantity,” says Peter Kreuz, bestselling author and keynote speaker at the Future Day of the Sport 2000 Association in Mainhausen. Over 100 dealers came to finally see each other, to exchange ideas – and learn the group’s 2025 strategy. Kreuz’s keynote struck a chord with many in the audience.
For example, his call to constant questioning of dogmas. Cruz quotes the philosopher Hannah Arendt: “Thinking without barriers.” One should try to ignore supposed “laws of industry” as “intellectual limitations”. Cross Points of Gallup Study: “The biggest changes in any industry are the new competitors. What made them so successful? They changed the rules of the game.”

Sports 2000: Data from Future Day

The secret to Amazon’s success? “A direct result of the number of trials Amazon does every year, every month, every week, every day.” Cruz quotes designer Alberto Alessi: “Alessi is proud of her failures. If we don’t face a defeat for a year or two, we are in great danger. A company that has no defeats is creatively dead.”

Play in competition for the future

Cruz asked more than 100 merchants who met in Mainhausen on Wednesday: “Ask yourself a lot: What can I do that I haven’t done before?” If you do it once a week, you won’t get back 52 success stories at the end of the year. But if only a few ideas worked, the experiment paid off.

Especially since we must accept that we can influence the rules of the game only to a limited extent anyway. The pandemic has shown this very clearly. He talks about the “infinite game” in which we find ourselves. Without fixed rules and with changing players. Cruz’s most important message: Daily work – “competition in the present” – should not associate all power and energy, and precious “bulb time” should be invested in “competition for the future”. So don’t emulate ‘best practices’, but develop ‘next practice’.

Pain point staff and merchandise

When it comes to the most pressing questions that concern “competition now” retailers, there is broad consensus among today’s retailers. “Human resources. This is the most important topic we have at the moment,” says Bernd Nebel, who runs twelve fashion houses, one of which has a sports district. The expectations of applicants have changed dramatically. “Even boys want a four-day week these days.” Jens Klassen from Sport Klahsen in Aschendorf is also excited about the staff issue. “A few of them used to work for a short time and didn’t come back.” But they both have a completely different problem: a shortage of goods. “We are broadly lacking in goods,” asserts Klassen, a member of the Sports 2000 advisory board and a 25-year member of the association. “And not only with the two capers, but also in the open air.”

Concrete example: Nike’s cancellation rate at Sport 2000 dealerships is currently 38%, according to a report by Sport 2000 managing director Margit Gosau. “However, we can be relatively happy with that. With partners that focus heavily on trendy footwear, this is much higher.”
The concern of many retailers that Nike will no longer provide for them cannot be completely eliminated when new distribution guidelines come into effect on June 1, 2023. “Retailers around the world will have to meet the new entry standards going forward.” Nike is familiar with its Sport 2000 retail concepts – and rates them as sustainable and attractive to sporting consumers. “Our concepts meet all standards.” Nike will inform all retailers of the standards.

Expansion of specialized concepts

These retail concepts play a crucial role in the future strategy of Sport 2000. The so-called specialists who focus on outdoor sports, running, jogging, skates and sneakers are already an important pillar of the association. For this group of traders, there are so-called niche concepts such as running experts or outdoor professionals. The concept with the highest commitment is the ultimate retail format, a kind of soft franchise format.

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These developments came behind the esports record year 2000.

On the podium was Martin Schwartz, the Teamsport retailer who opened his shop in Sportdirekt 29 years ago and decided to switch to Absolute Teamsport. “As I sit here, our shop in Wuppertal is being hammered and dug so we can open it in 14 days.” He says there was no alternative to this decision. “I wouldn’t have been able to do it on my own. Solo fighters lose not only connections at Adidas and Nike, but also access to merchandise.” In this new setup, he can focus again on his core competency: “Service, Service, Service”.

This is possible because Absolute Teamsport applies basic industry requirements for a European team sports concept, Teamsport chief Alexandre Loeb reports. These range from an independent company, an independent marketing concept, and a large mass sports repository, to e-com and a focus on social media and complete data sharing. Summarizing the importance of the data subject, he says, “If you don’t provide Nike with any sales data, you haven’t sold anything to Nike. And then you won’t get anything either.”

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Differences in categories

Presentation by Tim Wannell, Head of Outdoors, made clear how little the individual classes can be compared. “In team sports, 90% of sales are through three suppliers. And outdoors, we make a third of sales with 90 suppliers.” Honestly. In concrete terms: The top ten brands account for only 35.8% of the unit’s outdoor professional purchase volume. As a result, this means: in theory, one can live even without the most powerful resource – “there are many alternatives”. Hence his urgent appeal to retailers: “Build brands!”

General specialty

However, the big category is the old saying: the right thing is better than something in everything. Margit Gossau stresses that specialization – eg in the outdoor area – is also indispensable to general experts on a large scale. The network supports them with the alleged new concepts of the club. These exist for individual classes, with similar requirements and services for merchants. For example, anyone who decides to specialize as a GP in the running category undertakes, among other things, to fulfill the mandatory assignments with the brands defined by Sport 2000. In the long run, they must have at least four brands in the range Over €50,000 with running shoes. There are special merchandise and marketing packages for this. In return for providing the required operating efficiency field, there are analyzes and suggestions for the corresponding product group.

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Higher overall profits in the long run

The Sport 2000 Distributors Association introduces a new look to the so-called Generals. In an interview with TW, manufacturers Frank Augustin and Karsten Viereck revealed what they should offer dealers – and what they should bring with them.

Focus on digitization enters the second round. After initially creating as a clone, a new, independent platform has now been launched. Using your own product data, integration of specialized concepts on the cross-platform, special offers for the brand and the possibility to organize affiliate merchants.
According to Michael Decker, Managing Director of ANWR Media, selling via this platform is the first stage of a possible Internet strategy for retailers. The next step could be selling via overseas marketplaces like Amazon, Zalando, and Ebay, and the third step could be your online store.
Christian Dom is a Managing Director at Bunert Online and operates e-com for the Bunert running specialist with 14 running stores in North Rhine-Westphalia. He asserts, “It is essential to be visible online. For example, to be shown as a local merchant on Google if someone is searching for a Brooks Ghost nearby. E-Com is then the free style. This really takes a lot of work.” Decker also emphasizes, “Having your own online store only makes sense for retailers who are solid in traditional business. It usually doesn’t make up for weak online businesses.”

New Claim, New Private Brand

Home of Experts – This is the new international brand of Sport 2000. With the start of a global campaign, Sport 2000 presents itself for the first time in all 25 countries with a unified brand identity. The focus of the campaign is on the headline “Welcome Home”.
Major changes are pending for the stickers for the Sport 2000: High Colorado, Beachbody, Stuf and V3Tec will be cancelled. More precisely: you will be replaced. And through one brand: Witeblaze. A multifunctional brand that aims to unite all related sports under one roof. The introduction of this brand new in the summer of 23 should go hand in hand with a slight upgrade. First Class Manager Verina Schledoorn spoke of her “honest” price-performance ratio. “We leave the price entry.”
The competition for the future continues.

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