Lose Munich’s High Society: Here’s The Week’s Streaming Tips

Updated on 4/29/2022 at 12:17 PM

  • Netflix, Amazon, Sky Ticket and Co: This is the schedule for your broadcast week.
  • Among them: Heike Makatsch in a revenge campaign and a first-class true crime drama on Sky.
  • Streaming Renewed: These exciting movies and series are new on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Sky, Apple TV+, Disney+, TVNOW, and Starzplay.

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For many fans of movies and series, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Sky Ticket and Co. have always been. The best cinema. With top-notch movies and exciting series, the streaming services regularly live up to their reputation. The overview reveals which products are worth seeing in the home cinema next week.

“Herzogberk”, RTL +

In the RTL series “Herzogpark”, Munich’s high society is ridiculed.

© RTL / Mark Rayman

RTL shows no mercy with Munich’s chic crowd: the three high-society ladies Hannah (Lisa Maria Putthoff), Elisabeth (Antje Trau) and Annabelle (Felicitas Wall) want to meet on the sitcom “Herzog Park” by construction magnate Nicholas van der Bruck (Heiner Lauterbach). ), who wants to blackmail the trio with scathing details of their private lives. The mysterious Maria Schreiber (Heike Makatsch) also plots murder against Van der Bruck – and joins the evil women’s mission.

For ‘Herzogpark’, RTL has not only assembled a top-notch crew, but has also spared no expense or effort when it comes to takeout. The six-part production was directed by Academy Award winner Yoshin Alexander Fridanek (“Toy Land”) and Anka Mirona Lozorescu, who was nominated for a Grimme Award for her Netflix series “Wir sind die Welle.” Your black humor journey into the world of the rich and beautiful begins May 3 on RTL+.

“The Murder Squad Investigates Again”, Netflix

Two Parisian police officers couldn’t be more different from Ousmane Diakite (Omar Sy) and François Monge (Laurent Lafitte): one investigates tricky suburbs, the other in the posh 8th arrondissement. A sensitive case brought the two together in 2012 as a tribute to friendly cop “Ein Mordsteam” — including chaos, trouble, and error. Now, a decade later, the unexpected couple meet again in the “Ein MordsTeam Investigative Again” sequel.

As director Louis Leterrier tells us (“Le Pen, The Unbelievable – Now You See Me”) in the Netflix production, Othman and Francois have gone their separate ways after their first case. Years later, a new assignment forces detectives to travel through France together. What appears to be a harmless drug deal soon turns out to be a much more complex plot that puts Othman and Francois in great danger.The hilarious comedy is available to stream on Netflix from May 6.

Director Louis Lettier and Hollywood star Omar Sy successfully worked together on the series “Lupin”. Now the team is following up with a crazy crime comedy. Here you can watch the first trailer for the Netflix movie “The Killing Team Investigates Again”. © ProSiebenSat.1

Clark, Netflix

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During a robbery, Clark Olofson (Bill Skarsgård) wraps the hostages around his finger.

© Eric Proms/Netflix

Clark Olofsson is one of the most famous criminals in Sweden. Even as a young man, he was sentenced to several prison terms in the 1960s – including for murder, drug trafficking and robbery. The 26-year-old Olofson gained international fame in 1973 for his involvement in a bank robbery in which four hostages were held for several days. During subsequent court proceedings, the victims spoke positively of the perpetrators about Olofsson and reported that they had had an affair with bank robbers while the hostages were being held.

It was the birth of a term that is still known to this day: “Stockholm Syndrome”. Now the Swedish Netflix series “Clark” describes how it got into this in the first place. Based on Olofson’s autobiography, director Jonas Okerlund tells the story of the charismatic gangster portrayed by Bill Skarsgård (“He”) with humor and suspense. The six-part production will be available on Netflix starting May 5th.

“Staircase”, Heaven’s Ticket

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Sky, Apple TV +, Disney +, TVNOW, Starzplay, streaming, movies and series
Kathleen (Tony Collette) and Michael Peterson (Colin Firth) have a typical marriage – right?

© 2021 WarnerMedia Direct, LLC.

At first glance, Michael (Colin Firth) and Kathleen Peterson (Tony Collette) enjoy a harmonious marriage. But when Kathleen died one day falling down a flight of stairs, investigators targeted her husband: There are many indications that the wealthy director’s death was no accident—including the fact that a friend of Michael Peterson’s neighbor had her a few years earlier. He died in similar circumstances…

The star-studded true crime drama “The Staircase” is based on a true story: In December 2001, American writer Michael Peterson was arrested after the suspicious death of his wife. Several documentaries have shed light on the murder trial in the past.

With the eight-part series by Maggie Cohn (American Crime Story) and Antonio Campos (The Devil All the Time), Sky now retells the story in a fictional production for the first time. The original version of “The Staircase” will be available to stream on Sky Ticket starting May 5th. A dubbed German version will follow on Sky Atlantic in July.

Warner TV series “Almost Fly”

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Sky, Apple TV +, Disney +, TVNOW, Starzplay, streaming, movies and series
Walter (Samuel Benito, left), Nick (Simon Fabian, center) and Ben (Andrew Purvitz) want to make it big.

Copyright © 2022 Turner Broadcasting System Europe Limited / W & B Television GmbH

In 1990, 16-year-old Walter (Samuel Benito) did not lead a particularly exciting life. Bored of the small town in West Germany he lives in, he and his friends Ben (Andrew Purvitz) and Nick (Sion Fabian) become strangers at school.

However, when one day they connect with American rap, everything changes for the three shy friends. Together with their classmate Dennis (Paula Hartmann), they found the hip-hop group Atomic Trinity. Her big goal: Swing the stage at the school festival.

The beloved comedy “Almost Fly” transports streaming fans back to the days of mixtapes, sports jackets, and the burgeoning German hip-hop culture. In the six-part production, author, director, and series creator Florian Gagg not only remembers the beginnings of the subculture, but also tells a story about the problems of growing up. Almost Fly can be seen starting May 2nd on Warner TV.

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