Jazz rush and Nouvelle Vague at Kultur im Park in Braunschweig

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Jazz rush and Nouvelle Vague at Kultur im Park in Braunschweig

29/04/2022, 15:05

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Jazzrausch Bigband from Munich combines jazz and electro on September 17th at “Kultur im Park”.

Photo: Fabian Mondel/Organizer

The folk festival begins on August 25 at Bürgerpark – again not in tents, but in the open air. In addition to regular guests, there are also some new works.

At the moment, practically all Corona restrictions have been lifted, even in major events. Non-vaccinated visitors can also participate, there are no longer distance rules and masks are no longer mandatory. But what will it be like in late summer? Bate Wiedemann and its organizing team from Braunschweiger Al Khaimah Cultural Association Play it safe. Tents remain in the warehouse, and for the third consecutive season open-air folk music, festival performances and nightclubs are held under the theme “Culture in the Park” instead of “Culture in the Tent”.

“In tents, they get comfortably tight at the entrance or at the tables. We thought about it for a long time, but then decided that safety came first. We put everyone’s lightness of spirit above the tent roofs, so to speak,” says Wiedemann. Like this Good weather in late summer From past years it has played a role. In fact, not a single guest performance has been canceled so far, a little shuffled, says Wiedemann.

Patrick Salmin is there for the first time

Instead of 1,300 or 800 places in the two tents, there is only one in “Kultur im Park”. 550 places. A nice, relaxed vibe is more important than mass, says Wiedemann. With these considerations, however, Corona assistance programs such as “re-culture“Valuable,” adds employee Amelie Gabel, who played a key role in coordinating the festival programme. The promotion of digitization and Corona protection measures, as well as the partial assumption of the artist’s fees, would have supported the cultural tent association well.

Program 2022: A proven mix of regular, famous guests at Bürgerpark and some of the artists who are there for the first time. Artist and flyer Patrick Salmin around or the Big Jazz Rush Band, which combines jazz and electric percussion. Both will perform back-to-back on September 17th. The new French star of chanson Barbara Bravy (2nd place at ESC 2021 with “Voila”) and soul singer Max Motzky The festival concluded on the 24th and 25th of September.

Nouvelle Vague from Paris combines New Wave and Bossa Nova

Starts August 25th with Doppelganger Show”The stars at the partyAnd the next day with Anna Loos and her first solo album ‘toolbox’. Norwegian Rebekah Bakken He sings about “Winter Nights” on August 27 Curtis Stegers He blows his saxophone on September 2, Vladimir Kaminer He may also have something to say about his former home country Russia on 9/11. who – which Mocha Ifti Orchestra Brings Babylon-Berlin-Sound to Bürgerpark on September 18th, new wave From Paris they explain the blows of the new wave in the style of bossa nova on September 22.

Festival organizers are Gustav Peter Wahler and band (September 1) and Axel Brahl and Incelorchester (September 3). Missing for the first time (!). Goetz Quail. “It plays a new program every three years, but the current program is already in its fourth due to so many coronavirus failures, and that’s once in a while for us,” says Beate Wiedemann.

Sustainability Market and Regional Stage

Amazing names missing from festival list, possibly also due to limited seating capacity. There are two for that Kids Programs (“Under My Bed, August 27; “Owl Finds the Beat, August 28) and it appears as”gymnastics fireworks(4 September) and “Variety show in the garden(9-10 September). The festival team is organizing two markets in the Bürgerpark, the arts and crafts market over three days from 16-18 September and “Sustainability MarketOn the 24th and 25th of September. Wiedemann stresses that organizing “culture in the park” as ecologically correct as possible is also one of the team’s main concerns. “It would be great if students, for example as part of a master’s thesis, could support us in developing strategies.”

Then there are those again regional stage At the festival’s beer garden, where regional bands and newcomers get visitors in the mood for evening events with free admission. “The demand and desire of the teams to perform is huge. This time we have paid special attention to ensuring that the evening program and the regional stage go well together,” says coordinator Daniela Fatke.

Pre-sales for the festival start on 4 May exclusively at kulturimzelt.de or by phone (0531) 2801818.

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