Is cirrhosis curable? You must know this

In the case of cirrhosis, the organ is so badly damaged that it is no longer able to function properly. What next: Can a scarred liver be saved? We explain what sufferers can expect from treatment.

Various liver diseases, if treated too late, can lead to cirrhosis Culminating: through the perpetual ignite, which cause these diseases, more and more healthy and elastic liver tissues die. At some point he could no longer recover.

Instead, the damaged parts of the organ are replaced by connective tissue, which means that it leads to scarring. Experts also refer to the pathological proliferation of connective tissue as fibrosis.

Fibrosis can often be slowed by effective treatment. The earlier treatment is started, the more healthy liver tissue can be saved. Sometimes fibrosis can partially regress with timely treatment.

However, if it progresses, cirrhosis will eventually develop. It is the final stage of fibrosis in which there is member It was already so badly damaged that it could no longer function properly. Then it was too late for treatment.

Cirrhosis is incurable – but often treatable

is she liver It was already so badly scarred that there was no longer a chance to regenerate it and fully do its job again. Then treatment is aimed primarily at protecting the remaining functional parts of liver tissue from deterioration. To do this, the cause of cirrhosis of the liver must be treated as soon as possible.

Patients with chronic disease infection With hepatitis viruses was the trigger, mostly received Medicine, which are directed against viruses. he is alcoholism The cause of cirrhosis of the liver, sufferers have to go to withdrawal. Various medical and psychological measures can help.

In addition, treatment of cirrhosis of the liver should include measures that prevent fatal complications. Especially with advanced cirrhosis, it can be bleeding out of place varicose veins Esophagus or stomach (bleeding varicose veins). Another life-threatening consequence of cirrhosis is fluid buildup in the abdominal cavity, also called ascites. If such complications occur, doctors talk about decompensated cirrhosis.

Chances of surviving for the following years largely depend on how much healthy liver tissue treatment can provide and how well it protects from serious consequences – i.e. decompensation.

Chance of recovery through transplant?

Cirrhosis is incurable – at least not in the sense that the liver is healthy again. However, in some cases, there is still a chance of recovery, that is, through a liver transplant.

In most cases, the patient receives the liver of the deceased Organ donation He approved it during his lifetime. So-called live liver donation, in which a patient donates a portion of a healthy person’s liver, is much less common.

The planting Many of those affected give decades of extra lives. However, this option is by no means available to all people with cirrhosis because there are not enough organs from donors.

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