Hiking, culture and beer in Franconian Tuscany

VGN’s new entertainment line “Fränkische-Toskana-Express” starts on May 1

Eco-friendly, eventful, close to nature – the new VGN line of entertainment “Franconian Tuscany Express” offers hikers, lovers of culture and fun a very special leisure activity in the Bamberg region. From May 1, “Fränkische-Toskana-Express” (route 970) will run its tours from Bamberg Train Station via Strullendorf along 13-Brauereien-Weg to Geisfeld, Litzendorf and Tiefenellern and back to Bamberg on weekends and holidays. In the Franconian region of Tuscany, not only beer culture and hearty Franconian fun awaits you at its best – art and sculpture trails, idyllic half-timbered villages and stunning landscapes are also a sight to behold. If you stay longer in the beer cellar, you can comfortably and safely return the new bus line to the train station in Bamberg.

During the first test drive from Tiefenellern via Litzendorf and Geisfeld to Roßdorf a. On April 26, Forst Uli Büscher, Marketing Director of VGN, Deputy District Director Bruno Kellner (District of Bamberg) and the Mayors of Lietzendorf, Wolfgang Mohrlein and Strulendorf, and Wolfgang Diesel introduced the new and most prominent tourist line in Franconian Tuscany.

“With our 29 entertainment lines, you can discover the most beautiful areas of the VGN region in a comfortable and environmentally friendly way,” says Uli Büscher of VGN. The new “Franconian Tuscany Express” complements the existing VGN leisure lines in Franconian Switzerland and makes the northern part of this popular cruise area more accessible, especially on weekends. As the demand for regional flight destinations and local entertainment offerings increases due to the Corona pandemic, and public transportation has become more important as an alternative to recreational activities due to high gasoline prices, we at VGN are preparing for this continuing trend.”

Deputy District Director Bruno Kellner adds: “The leisure bus lines are an attractive offer of public transport, especially for families, to discover the beautiful nature of the Bamberg region in a comfortable way without your own car. The new Fränkische-Tuskana-Express is an excellent addition to this existing and very popular offer and is enriching For tourism and local recreation in the Bamberg region.

“Through the Franconian Tuscany Express, we offer our guests and day travelers the opportunity to leave their car behind and take the journey to and from the picnic that is eco-friendly, safe and climate-friendly,” says Mayor Wolfgang Morlin, municipality of Litzendorf.

“With the new VGN Leisure line, a successful expansion of the public transport offering has been created in the Franconian region of Tuscany, which will benefit vacationers and hikers as well as local residents equally. And with extended return times, nothing stands in the way of an evening visit to the beer cellar,” adds Wolfgang Diesel, Mayor of Strulendorf.

Marcus Raubach, known nationally as “beer sommelier”, was able to admirably demonstrate that enjoyment is not neglected: “With 13 breweries in Franconian Tuscany and about 60 breweries in the Bamberg region, the region is an El Dorado for connoisseurs of many Small inn in a brewery and in traditional beer cellars with delicious beer and good Franconian cuisine.”

Connection to different hiking tours

The Franconian Tuscany Express train leads directly to the starting point for the VGN “7 at once” hike in Tiefenellern. On the other hand, if you get off at Kunigundenruh station, you can also hike up to the VGN entertainment tip “Via Hauptsmoorwald” with the radiant Baroque Seehof Palace. From Schammelsdorf station, the northern part of 13-Brauereien-Weg is ideal for hiking. City bus line 907 takes hikers to Bamberg Train Station on their way back from Memmelsdorf.

Information on hiking trails in Franconian Tuscany at www.fra en ki sche -tos ka na.com and more advice on hiking and leisure activities in Bamberg at www.bam ber ger terres .de / W and ern.

VGN Entertainment lines are grouped by topic into brochures, and each brochure covers a specific area. In addition to the timetables, each has brief descriptions of places served, tips for where to stop for refreshment and information on fun tips to go along with the route. It is available for download at www.vgn.de / freizeitlin ien and is located in the tourist information offices of the Franconian communities in Tuscany (Litzendorf, Memmelsdorf and Strullendorf) and in the Bamberg district office.

All information about VGN’s free time offer at www.vgn.de / freiz eit

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