Hagen: Funding and Events Program for More City Life

What is hidden behind the 132-meter sofa in Mittelstraße and how restaurants and retailers get financing.

Is it the longest sofa in the world? Regardless, it’s definitely a nice idea. Tomorrow afternoon, April 29, the 132-meter lounge sofa, which is assembled from pallets and fitted with green seat cushions, can be checked out and sampled. As part of the first “Hagen Update” event. This is the form of a new economic development event Hagen, which is being sent to the race for the first time. The point of the Hagen Update is simple: the question “What’s new in Hagen?” is answered. in a charming way.

Happened with DJ and Actions

In this case, it is Mittelstrasse which has boomed in recent months, which means that some of the empty shops have been renovated and are now being used again. “Your Rendezvous with the New Mittelstrasse” will be celebrated today, Friday, from 4pm to midnight and tomorrow, Saturday, from 12pm to 1am – with DJ music and activities by restaurants, retailers and service providers based there.

“We want to show citizens that there is a lot going on in the city center and especially on Mittelstraße,” Kirsten Fischer, authorized signatory for economic development for Hagen, explained at Hagen Networked – Business Lunch today. Also this new (network) format, which was opened in Bar Silona to about 50 participants, focused on the emergency program in the city center, launched due to the epidemic and its consequences and in which Hagen and economic development are involved.

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Background: The North Rhine-Westphalia Inland Cities Funding Project is based on a rental fund. Economic development acts as an intermediary between the owner and the new tenant, a large part of the reduced rent is paid by the owner from the support vessel, and only the retailer or new restaurant owner has to pay a small rent.

The city of Hagen has €815,000 available from the NRW funding fund, “We used about half of the money to enable seven founders to start over, so more than €400,000 is available for ten more new jobs,” explains Kirsten Fischer.

Those with a new business idea are encouraged to contact Business Development (02331-80999 12). “The emergency program ended in 2023 – then the train left,” recalls Kirschen Fischer.

‘noodles to go’ of summer

Among those who have already benefited from the support are the Beezou food restaurant, the Voltayo (photovoltaic and electronic mobility) store and Wohn-Licht Böhme. The ink has just dried up under a lease agreement: Goekman Dilekli is moving into the shop on Elberfelder Straße 9 (formerly “Royal Donuts”) with a new gastronomic concept. With the support of his mother Aison Dilekly, the young man wants to open the “Pasta to go” project.

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“We do not see ourselves as ready meals. We will surprise the guest with a modern interior design,” the mother and son promised.

Dr Christopher Schmidt, who has been the new Managing Director of Hagen Wirtschaftsentwicklung since the beginning of the year, hopes to work with several players to move Hagen forward and create new sales channels and business models.

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