FCK wants to take the penultimate step towards promotion – football

In the last home game of the season against Dortmund 2, FCK must win to be able to achieve a straight promotion. The Fritz-Walter-Stadion will provide a backdrop that should remind us of the Champions League.

Is this still the third league? Not really, but it is 1. FC Kaiserslautern. The Fritz Walter stadium was already sold out for the derby against Saarbrücken, with about 47,000 spectators. The fans literally want the club to roar in the second division, perhaps there was no such euphoria in this league. The black market for tickets is booming, 60,000 or even 100,000 fans would likely go to the stadium if they could get a ticket.


Can FCK reach the second degree? Palatinate Borussia host Dortmund II in their last home game of the season, and SWR Sport will broadcast the match live on April 30th from 2pm.

SWR Sport: Live broadcast of the third degree


The match against Dortmund was not a success for sure

The opponent is called Borussia Dortmund, but not with Erling Haaland, Judd Bellingham or Marco Reus, but with Franz Pfan and Ted Tattermusch. No one should deny the talent of kickers Dortmund from the second team. The team has established itself as a league three climber in the middle of the table. FCK knows very well that this cannot be taken for granted.

It is difficult to compensate for the loss of Defense Chief Krause

Coach Marco Antwerp will miss out on suspended defender Kevin Krause. It should change here, but Krause is not completely replaceable. The coach’s assessment was, “I would like to emphasize the value of Kevin Krause. Replacing him at this stage is not easy because he is so calm, he does not let anything disturb him and remains very confident.” Otherwise, Antwerp does not want to reveal the tactical concept against Dortmund in detail: “We have a game at home and we have always done well with a combination of allowing opponents to be present and putting pressure on ourselves. We will do it that way again depending on the situation “, Antwerp explains his direction.

Share a lot of psychology

On paper, it’s all about FCK. The Palatinate are the strongest team in the league at home, topping the table in the second half of the season and having the support of their incredible fans. What is wrong there? Well, psychology is now playing an increasing role. FCK has a lot to lose. Ascent is expected, if possible without a downward turn. Due to the defeat against Wien Wiesbaden, the starting point deteriorated. FCK can no longer directly reach the second order on its own.

If you win, you will go down

All of these “what-if mind games” are nerve-wracking, which might start to flutter in one player or the other. A win over Dortmund would at least guarantee relegation. But for Antwerp, this would not be an intermediate goal worth striving for. “We have always presented ourselves as a top team in the last matches at home. We want to get three points and do not think about stage goals or intermediate goals,” says the coach.

Hope a fatal error from Braunschweig

The old saying in situations like this is always: “We just look at ourselves and focus on winning our games.” But you can be sure the entire FCK team will be watching Eintracht Braunschweig against leaders Magdeburg tonight. “We are not going to do a team evening because of this, but everyone will probably watch the game for themselves,” says coach Marco Antwerpen. The hope is that Magdeburg, despite already being promoted, will still show full commitment and score at Braunschweig. Braunschweig are currently two points behind FCK in the relegation zone, but North Germany still have another game to play. As is known, the FCK was doomed to inaction on the last day of the match because opponent Türkgücü Munich was no longer playing due to bankruptcy.

Arithmetic games in the condition

The optimal case from the point of view of the FCK is very clear. If Braunschweig lose to Magdeburg on Friday and FCK wins its game against Dortmund on Saturday, the Palatinate will be five points above the relegation zone. Then the fate of FCK will be in their own hands again. If FCK had then won their last game of the season in Cologne, they would have stepped up. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of requirement in these business games. Reality writes its own stories.

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