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People (that’s us, by the way) have a relatively high opinion of themselves. However, he’s not quite sure how cool it really is. That’s right, says Ulrich Kohn.

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by Ulrich Kuhn

Man, known as the wreath of creation, finds it difficult to accept that he is a flawed being. However it is clear. When Jürgen Klopp radiates over the edge of the field, every child immediately sees: This human being lacks teeth that would meet his aesthetic requirements, which is why he had little help, with a man-made result which did not. It fully meets the aesthetic requirements. This is just a brief clarification, everyone knows Klopo, you get what I mean.

When narcissistic-deficient beings reach the stars

And it’s not just teeth, it’s a yard. “My friend the tree is dead,” Alexandra sang in 1968 and died in a car accident the following year. The car, copyright: the crown of creation, killed a lot of people. As a human some tree. It’s the superior being, that’s officially documented, but it fights a minimum lifespan of 120 years, while there are trees that live 500 or 1,000 years. Perhaps it would be better for a person not to be drawn to flattery. The Crown of Creation: Who, if they leave the Church, will believe in this? Many leave the church. They don’t automatically become more humble.

Yet automation is advancing. The goal is to create an AI that keeps creating itself so intelligently that people seem embarrassed. Which brings us to its smartest quality: arrogance closely related to self-loathing.

Flawed narcissistic beings are like that, they openly reach for the stars – and unfortunately, there’s no applause for that! – while they already feel very clearly that their arms length does not reach the ceiling. One could say: there is a global gap between demands and possibilities. To be silent about reality.

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Not a miracle, but a terrible mortal

Where does this little book of self-incrimination lead? Exactly, where all ways of thought now lead, to war. Everything is full of it, the media world, our heads. Much has long been said, but the soul-grooming feeling remains that at the bottom of the analyses, in the mud of noble appeals, the pious and the angry, lurks that insight that destroys self-image. We do not agree with that. Is it any wonder, then, when pacifists will become tank lovers? So is it any wonder that people who thought the war ended abruptly always knew: war will always be there? Is it any wonder that many of those who first chanted the “turn of the times” now say in a tone of voice that everything should remain roughly the same as it was when it last failed? Is it any wonder that, if the polls are correct, not every second person will make any great sacrifices in favor of abandoning Russian gas? And is it really no wonder how grateful I am to have the opportunity to argue with the Ambassador of Ukraine about etiquette? Nor do I find how Mr. Melnyk does it convincing, but in the end it is not about him; Then isn’t it surprising how hard it is for us to accept this.

I am afraid that all this is not a miracle, but a terrible human. But the most terrible humanity remains the absolute brutality of organized killing in order to gain imperial power. That this still exists and will continue to exist in the future: it is, despite all the realism, very shocking – you can’t get past it. Just to prove guilt about it now, that’s really nothing. Even if we knew well on the inside whether we were called Schroeder or Ramplstiltskin: it got bad, I drifted away when I was looking for my stars. Human, after all that too. But you know what, the crown of creation: your infamous megalomania sometimes deserves a little self-loathing.

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