Corona booster despite cancer? What patients and family members should know

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Vaccination against Covid-19 may be beneficial for some cancer patients. But it does not work for all types of cancer. When the third vaccination is especially important – and what else to consider.

Can cancer patients get vaccinated against corona?

Cancer patients usually suffer weak immune system, which means they can be affected faster and more severely by SARS-CoV-2 infection, at least according to experts. In principle, however, cancer patients are also Vaccination against corona virus is recommendedincluding booster vaccination.

However, the protection offered by the vaccine may be less in immunocompromised patients. Patients are especially advised after B-cell depletion and after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation to maintain a period of time of three to six months before vaccination against coronavirus.

For other treatment conditions, there is still no definitive knowledge about the efficacy and safety of vaccines.

What about boosters?

also or especially Booster vaccination recommended for cancer patientsbecause these individuals are due to their weaker defenses Adequate immune protection only after the third vaccination appearance. This was recently proven by researchers from the Medical University of Vienna.

As part of the study, the blood of 439 cancer patients was tested for antibodies to the anti-SARS-CoV-2 proteins before and after the third dose of vaccination. Analysis showed that Antibodies decreased sharply between three and six months after the second vaccinationespecially in people with solid tumors and in people with hematological malignancies without B-cell therapy.

After the third booster dose Increased levels of antibodies again quickly And for the first time it has reached a good level, and it is also really protective of cancer patients.

What role does the immune system play here?

The chemotherapy is mainly causing this Weakened immune system in cancer patients. This is no longer able to produce sufficient antibodies based on simple vaccination.

The drugs given during chemotherapy not only affect cancer cells, but also cells that divide frequently. This also includes the defense cells in the bone marrow and this can happen over a certain period of time, Almost no immune cells will.

However, not every chemotherapy weakens the immune system; There are other factors that contribute to its weakening. This is how they play The type of cancer, comorbidities, and other types of cancer treatment play an important role.

Leukemia and lymphoma: what to look for?

In people with forms of blood cancer There are not enough antibodies even after booster vaccination learner. These include, among others Leukemia and lymphoma.

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These people receive treatment that suppresses the cells that are supposed to produce the antibodies they need.

Because of the lack of protection, affected people should be especially careful when it comes to social contact and hygiene measures. However, can some medicine They are taken which prevents the reproduction of the virus. Moreover Synthetically produced antibodies It can be administered intravenously.


Therefore vaccination is also recommended for cancer patients, even if the immune protection is lower. Booster vaccination in particular shows positive effects. However, it is important to note the type of chemotherapy, as not all of them negatively affect immune cells.

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