What’s new on TV: new series and shows in May 2022

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New series and TV shows in May 2022: among other things, it will be entertaining on the Kabel Eins channel, because here you can watch the new documentary series “One talk about money!” Look.

TV Tips

  • From April 28, 2022, Kabel Eins will start the new documentary series “You Talk About Money!”
  • You can also watch the three-part documentary “Go West Go East” on ARD starting May 2, 2022.
  • Or you can watch the new episode of “Maischberger” from May 3, 2022. This also works in the first.

In Free TV, you will get new highlights from the series and TV Shows area at regular intervals. But which station broadcasts any series or show? Our overview gives you an insight into the most interesting ones Highlights of the TV show in May 2022.

You will be offered a diversified program again in May. For example, Season 7 of “The Younger One” begins on Sixx. You can also look forward to the fourth season of “Agatha Raisin” on ZDFneo.

Even the youngest viewers can look forward to many great shows. Some new series start on Super RTL and KiKA channels with “Rabauken”, “Die Abenteuer von Neema und Joshua” and “Karate Schaf”.

In addition, you can allow yourself to be inspired by one of the many new documentaries that start over and over again on Free TV on different channels. For example, “Go West Go East”, “Colombia – Paradise Unleashed” and “FineFoodStories” are presented here. All other series and show releases can be found below.

New series on TV in May 2022

starting date a series a series Channel
05/04/2022 small 7 six times
05/05/2022 clean thing 1 WDR
05/06/2022 Agatha Raisin 4 ZDFneo
09/05/2022 crimson wedding Series One
09/05/2022 bullies 1 kika
09/05/2022 karate sheep 1 Great RTL
05/12/2022 turning hammer 1 ZDF
05/12/2022 the noise 1 One
05/12/2022 Mosbeli 1 WDR
05/14/2022 The Adventures of Grace and Joshua 1 kika
05/20/2022 School by the sea 1 the first
05/23/2022 The girl with blue eyes Series One
05/24/2022 become charlie 1 ZDFneo
05/27/2022 Miss Scarlett and the Duke 1 hello tv
03/06/2022 thin blue line 1 ZDFneo

The series begins on TV

New TV Shows & Documentaries in May 2022

starting date TV program a series Channel
04/28/2022 Hope Makers Documentary series SWR
04/28/2022 We are talking about money! Documentary series single cable
01/05/2022 Luigi Colani – Designers Without Borders Two-part documentation Arti
02/05/2022 Eden on earth Documentary series Arti
02/05/2022 Go west, go east Three-part documentary ARD
05/03/2022 mashburger Talk show ARD
05/03/2022 Refer to the Documentary series RTL
05/04/2022 Lies and truth Six-part documentary ZDF information
05/04/2022 good mood club TV program Saturday 1
05/04/2022 the price is hot View game RTL
05/05/2022 Colombia – the ultimate paradise Two-part documentation Arti
05/06/2022 The most beautiful landscapes in the world Documentary series Arti
07/05/2022 At home in Brandenburg Two-part documentation rbb
05/08/2022 Best Banquet Room in Asbach Germany Documentary series single cable
09/05/2022 unknown california Two-part documentation Arti
09/05/2022 Davina and Shania – We love Monaco Doku Soap RTL II
05/10/2022 Policemen on the rock Doku Soap DMAX
05/12/2022 Parting children Two-part documentation ZDFneo
05/14/2022 culture and climate Three-part documentary Arti
05/16/2022 FineFoodStories Documentary series Watch tv
05/16/2022 With PostBus via Switzerland Documentary series 3 saturday
05/17/2022 in the crook’s head Documentary series ZDF information
05/17/2022 desperately looking for an apartment Documentary series RTL
05/17/2022 The Night Shift: Working with the Rescuers Documentary series RTL two
05/18/2022 75 years old Rhineland-Palatinate Three-part documentary SWR
05/22/2022 mysterious castles Documentary series ZDF information
05/22/2022 Is this art Documentary quarter Arti
05/22/2022 Woidboyz: Help is on the way! TV program BR
05/23/2022 sea ​​heroes Doku Soap DMAX
05/23/2022 sound and glory Documentary quarter MDR
05/25/2022 Israel as an occupying power Two-part documentation Arti
05/26/2022 Inside Amsterdam Two-part documentation WDR
05/27/2022 all together now TV program Saturday 1
05/28/2022 golden note TV program 3 saturday
05/28/2022 very close Documentary series MDR

Documentary and TV programs are released on TV

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You will also find many new releases on pay TV. Any Sky customer should take a look at Sky’s current innovations. Streaming providers Netflix, Amazon, and Disney+ also have some new series and movies waiting for you.

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