The chest reveals new clues about the revamped Mega Evolution

A change to the mega evolutions in Pokémon GO has been discussed for some time. Now data miners have found more clues about what trainers can expect.

What is this discovery? The discovery is the data found by “Pokeminers” for an upcoming update.

PokeMiners have found several assets of a huge character. Image files that can be used in connection with “new” massive development.

Who are the PokeMiners? PokeMiners is a group of data makers that regularly mine the source code of Pokemon GO. They always come across new information, such as planned changes or new Pokémon, which are announced before they are released.

However, this is not official information from Niantic, which is why this data can be changed or removed in-game at any time.

Legendary Huge Raids Found & More

This is in discovery: The assets were shared on the Pokémon GO subreddit TheSilphRoad and featured some exciting content. Among other things, the “Mega Legendary Egg” quickly catches the eye: it appears to be a new raid level that you can challenge.

This is also related to an earlier discovery that referred to the Legendary Mega Pokémon.

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Other elements are also included, such as a new wallpaper dubbed “Big Tutorials”. So there might be a bit of an introductory course in the “new” Mega Evolution when it comes to gameplay.

In addition, there is further evidence that Mega Evolutions can also be performed after a certain slowdown after they are initially unlocked. This also fits with the earlier finding about mega-developments.

This is what the community says: The potential fix for Mega Evolutions has already gotten a lot of attention on the Pokémon GO subreddit, and now trainers are getting excited:

  • “This is so much fun. I think you still have to unlock the mega high power and then have the option to use up power or have a week or so of cool off for the next Mega Evolution,” suggests user Stanton5 (via reddit).
  • User “Jack0017” (via reddit) asks “Will Mega Evolution finally stop ‘renting Pokemon’? Because until now there has been a lot of criticism of the current massive system.

To this day, you have to invest a Mega Energy every time you open a Mega Pokémon, which then lasts for a certain amount of time. It is now possible to add a variable that can be used “for free”.

There is also an infographic on the topic Attack Boost. This shows that attacks of the same type as Mega Pokémon continue to be strengthened, but attacks of other types are also enhanced – albeit not as much.

In addition, there are also references to “paths”. Beyond that is still quite open. An item on the tracks theme has already been found in 2019, but it hasn’t found its way into the game yet. It is possible that a new feature will appear here.

But: So far, it’s still just data mining, which doesn’t necessarily play a role in this format. Here we have to wait for the official information to be announced.

In the meantime, there has been official information about the new game from the makers of Pokémon GO. In “Aquamarine” you must collect and raise small pets.

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