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When you ask President Manfred Schaeuble how he wants his club, the former German soccer club Spielvereinigung Unterhaching, to stay afloat financially, you hear a lot about humility, stability and common sense. And with the fact that a small club now plays its first team with coach Sandro Wagner in the fourth division, the regional league, it must rely on its own talents, especially in times of crisis: “Our investor is not an old man, not an old man. An oligarch, but our youth academy “says with conviction. .

The necessary small change should be created here. This is also an explanation for why the club from the suburb of Munich got a rather prominent coach for the under-17 talent: Daniel Perovka, the former national player who collided in the regional league with TSV 1860 Munich as assistant coach in 2017 and as head coach in 2018 was promoted to the third division, is Ensuring Haching continues to train high-performance, cost-effective young players.

Perovka, 43, was recently head coach of Wacker Innsbruck, and the Austrian second tier team is not currently receiving approval for next season due to notable investor money. The fact that he’s up against a model at Haching who prioritizes young talent motivates him: “I realize it’s a club that focuses on youth work. I must“This is a challenge and I can help go down this path,” said Perovka, who has received “three third-class offers,” stressing, “Professional football was possible without any problems. But the timing must always be right.”

“I just collected what Piero called,” says Chief Chapel.

At the moment, his family situation suggests staying in Munich. As far as working with youngsters, he enjoyed it a lot in the 1860s, initially as a coach for the U-16 team before moving to the First Division: “It’s also about passing on values ​​to the players to work with the characters”, and when it comes to upbringing, “I think Mane and I are checking exactly the same thing.”

President and coach: Manfred Schapel (left) and Sandro Wagner.

(Photo: Florian Fucik / dpa)

Schwabl is also convinced that Bierofka, who once played Unterhaching himself as a young man, is a perfect fit for SpVgg: “We’re on the same wavelength.” They agreed “after 30 seconds”. And this is despite the fact that in the near future the new coach will no longer have a leadership role, as the president asserts: if Sandro Wagner “at some point takes the next step towards the Bundesliga”, as Chapel calls it, he will not be his successor. Perovka.

But 33-year-old Mark Unterberger, who finished the season in the junior division with Unterhachinger U17 behind VfB Stuttgart in second place – ahead of rivals such as Hoffenheim, Freiburg and Mainz – and even ten points behind Bayern Munich. Bierofka accepted this succession, already settled, without reservation. And financially, no unfulfillable demands were made either: “I got around it again,” Schaeuble jokes, “I just put together what Piero calls it.”

Once the Adeyemi transfer becomes official, SpVgg will become one of the richest regional league teams in Germany

The club will now even be able to pay higher salaries. The reason for this is the recent revenue from player transfers. Goalkeeper Nico Mantel moved to Salzburg in January last year for a fee of €2 million. Karim Adeyemi, who moved from Hutching to Austria for more than three million, has already played there. Schwabl is proud to have negotiated particularly well in the case of young national player Adeyemi: as soon as the move from Salzburg to Borussia Dortmund is official, SpVgg suddenly becomes one of the richest in Germany’s regional league: the club can plan with an additional eight million euros.

And the next talent is already ready: 16-year-old striker Maurice Kratenmacher has scored nearly half of all goals for Unterhachinger U17 (23 out of 48), and his debut for the U17 national team suggests he hasn’t reached his limits there. Either bumps. Thanks to the “financial basis”, as Chapel calls the income from Adeyemi’s transfer, a talent like Krattenmacher can now be held for a bit longer before being sold – and thus possibly help Sandro Wagner’s men’s team relegated to the third division.

In any case, a strict focus on training our talents is on track to become a model of success. She was born out of necessity: after taking office in 2012, Chapelle tried unsuccessfully for years to find a major sponsor that would not only produce herbal desserts or finger food, but primarily provide financial planning security. Meanwhile, the second German football club after Borussia Dortmund dared to announce the stadiums, and now the club is working to seize the stadium from the municipality. An office building is also being constructed right next door, which SpVgg has secured, so it will have rental income in the future. “We invest in stones and legs,” Chapel says. Bierofka must now ensure that the legs are getting better.

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