Radolfzell: The gymnastics club complains after two years of the epidemic: “Children have lost valuable time”

Even if the Boringen Gymnastics and Sports Club can boast steady membership numbers and even slight growth two years into the pandemic, there are still concerns. “The impacts on everything that comprises the club have been enormous: the children lost irreplaceable valuable time to their development,” Chairman Tobias Klomp said recently at the general meeting.

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Nothing is progressing at the former Victoria Hotel

Former Victoria Hotel opposite the bus station.  This is what the destroyed building looked like from 2019.

Whether it is physical fitness, motor skills or emotional strength – the shortcomings now appear in gymnastics lessons, as well as in terms of children’s behavior towards each other. He complained that the lack of exercise and the lack of social activities left their mark on the elderly.

stable contributions and grants

The club is in good financial condition. Stable membership fees, combined with hall fees saved during closing times and youth grants paid by the city despite Corona, have had a positive impact on the monetary situation.

“But we will also need these subsidies when the new hall usage fee comes into effect this year,” the chairman explained. In addition, investments are planned to repair the outdoor sports facility and preserve Turnerhütte Stutz.

Corona is not gone and it will appear if something will return to the clubs again in the fall. “We are all looking forward to the coming months with lots of sport and community,” says Tobias Klomp.

Expand your sports offer

“We are currently accepting the challenge of ensuring the best sporting operations for our members this year,” he affirms. In recent months, among other things, the fitness show has been expanded and a volleyball group has been established. Approximately 50 sports units in the federation need space and coaches (those interested are welcome to contact us).

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The Radolfzellers have so far donated €73,100 towards war refugees

Citizens help Ukrainian refugees not only with donations in kind and the provision of housing, but also with money ...

The multi-purpose hall has been vacated for Ukrainian refugees and can only be used on a limited scale until further notice. So one depends on the weather and on everyone’s flexibility. But thanks to the stork school with the school gymnasium, the local administration and great coordination with the clubs, according to the chairman of the board, it was possible for all groups to hold training sessions.

Tobias Klomp was behind the city's decision to make the multi-purpose hall available to Ukrainian refugees.

Tobias Klomp was behind the city’s decision to make the multi-purpose hall available to Ukrainian refugees. | Photo: Gymnastics and Sports Club Boringen

“Of course we support the decision of the city of Radolfzell to use the multi-purpose hall for refugees without reservation and solidarity,” confirms Tobias Klomp. As an association and Böhringer, we also want to see how we can help refugees in their daily lives. There are already many volunteers who are at the beginning of the daily encounters. It has already been clarified in terms of the insurance law that Ukrainian children can participate in sports activities at any time.

“Once we have certainty about how things will continue with the refugees, we can plan our normal activities again, such as club tournaments, a summer party, a kids/youth event, our Fit im TuS campaigns and much more,” says Clump.

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