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May was the month when the German Football Championship was decided. But for a few years now, perennial champion FC Bayern has usually excelled much earlier.

Donata Hopfen was the managing director of the German Football League less than two months before she actually booed Bayern’s eloquent sponsor Uli Hoeness.

With her blunt statements (“If playoffs help us, we’ll talk about playoffs”), the new strongwoman in the Bundesliga has not only angered many football fans and traditionalists, but especially Hoeness, who has helped build the current Munich national player’s dominance for decades.

Accordingly, Hoeneß replied clearly: “The new managing director of the DFL is now thinking day and night about how to break FC Bayern’s dominance. Now they have come up with the idea.” He spoke in his typical clarity of “the idea of ​​the joke.” It’s not about more excitement and cuteness, it’s about ‘law against Bayern MunichFor a few months, this discussion was more substantive than ever, along with the question: How can this Bundesliga become exciting again?

There is no end to the series in sight

The Bavaria They are champions ten times in a row, an unprecedented streak in the major European leagues. But that’s not all: the team, led by the best spirits of Manuel Neuer and Thomas Muller, is not only winning the ball, but doing it in an impressive way year after year. Eight titles have been brought in by double digits, and that’s what it looks like again this season. Only in 2018/19 was there a close duel with Borussia Dortmund. In short: there is no end in sight to this series.

Football expert Matthias Sammer, who served as Bayern Munich’s sporting director from 2012 to 2016, sees financial and personal superiority as well as FC Bayern’s mentality as a huge advantage. “If there is a failure, everything is in question. Other clubs have a different way of thinking. Here you are satisfied with the small successes, the failures are hidden,” said Sammer of “Sport Bild”, describing the disappointing finish in the first division as an example against Villarreal.

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“At Bayern Munich, there is only one thing: victory or disaster! This affects the mind, soul and mentality of every player,” Zamer explained. This is stressful at times, but it also has to be learned from the competition. “Developing this greed is a process that does not happen overnight. But that is exactly the key to Bayern,” said Samer, who, along with then coach Pep Guardiola, had a huge impact on the early stages of this dominant decade.

The next generation is ready

This spring, there seemed to be a glimmer of hope. National player Niklas Sule made a free transfer from Munich For Dortmund, the Bavarians suddenly lost in Bochum or failed in the cup, the framework of the subscription champions around Neuer (36), Muller (32) and world footballer Robert Lewandowski (33) is not getting any younger and now only contracts until the summer of 2023

But does this really give hope? With the 1995 edition about National Players Joshua Kimmich, Serge Gnabry and Leon Goretzka, the next generation is already ready. And when Bundesliga stars such as Dortmund’s Erling Haaland or Leipzig’s Christopher Nkunko are traded in the transfer market, Bayern quickly emerges as a natural. On the other hand, a move for a member of the Gnabry family to Leipzig or a move for Mueller to Dortmund can be safely ruled out. The remarkable change in Sulli’s aspects may have already marked the pinnacle in this regard.

The idea of ​​a playoff versus tradition

BVB chief Hans-Joachim Watzke is not too optimistic that the current situation could change quickly. “There is no denying that the missing major race is basically a problem,” Watzke said on Zeit Online. What can be done about domination? “Frankly, only extreme socialist or capitalist tools can help,” said the desperate president of Borussia.

The idea of ​​a final is undoubtedly attractive in terms of excitement and variety, but it is enough to take a look at the last few years of the DFB Cup. There the Munich team won only five titles in ten seasons – losing, for example, to Frankfurt, near Gladbach or Holstein Kiel in the second division. It remains to be seen if the league is willing to leave decades of tradition behind and overburden the entire calendar in order to generate more excitement in the latest one-dimensional championship battle.

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