Knowledge invites you: the colorful spring hustle and bustle of Maimarkt on May 8

Message from 04/28/2022

Written by Catherine Behner

On Sunday, May 8, it’s finally time again: After a two-year Corona break, Wissens welcomes spring with a colorful hustle and bustle of Siegstadt. There are a number of attractions for children and the adults get their money on Sunday by shopping through market stalls and the activities of the various clubs.

The Knowledge Market takes place in May on Sunday 8 May this year. (Photo: Archive / Treffpunkt Knowledge)

Knowledge. At the beginning of the year, the advertising association “Treffpunkt Wissen” had already taken a strong look at the traditional Maimarkt: after the Corona break, organizers are happy that it will finally take place again on Sunday 8 May. There is a lot of information on display on this day and children in particular are the focus of the colorful activities.

Open for sale, bustling market and attractions for children
The official opening will take place at 11 am at the regional train station. In addition to running the meeting point, the Mayors Berno Neuhof and Michael Utenauer of the Rural Women’s Association “Freischer Wind” (Kessen-Mietelhof-Katzwinkel district) will welcome the first Siegstadt guests, who can then set out to the colored area. Hustle and bustle around the Rathausstrasse and pedestrian area.

Many market stalls await you here. For example with spices, leather goods, jewelry, children’s fashion, timber, household goods as well as natural fur and knitwear. Of course, dessert for young guests should not be missed.
The Rural Women’s Association from Wissens-Mittelhof-Katzwinkel offers a great idea for spring: in their flower exchange you can take spring home with you in the form of plants, and the displayed garden decorations complement the garden feel. Of course, you should not miss the coffee and cake at the Women’s Country Pavilion.

Lots to offer kids at Maimarkt. Because, in particular, they have lost so much during the pandemic, according to the organization’s team from the meeting point of knowledge about second president Britta Bey (“bueroboss”), Iris Benner (Modwerk) and Petra Becher-Klein (“PK-fashion”) with its first president, Thomas Kellschbach. .

Accordingly, there are great attractions. In addition to other surprises, little ones with loads of fun on this day are waiting for a bouncy castle, a baby whirlpool, a nail block and DJK Wissen-Selbach activities.

Retail is already open from 12 noon – gymnastics show scheduled
This year, retail is inviting you for a fun spring picnic with many offers from 12 pm to 5 pm. The decision to introduce opening hours was made because the experience of previous years has shown that many visitors walk in front of stores early and wait for them to open.

There are fixed times (11am, 1pm and 3pm) for DJK Wissen-Selbach’s show gymnastics at the regional train station. Other demonstrations take place throughout the day, including on a race bike.

Of course, with all the performances, physical well-being should not be missed on such a day. Delicacies can be found in the gastronomy of Wissen and, of course, in the market stalls: from crepes, coffee, cakes, Turkish dishes, snacks from fish and pizza to soft ice cream, nothing will be missed.
You can enjoy delicious cold drinks in the Alte Herren Schnstein’s two wine bars on the market square or at the Meeting Point Knowledge in the square in front of the former post office.

Knowing the meeting point of the working group looks forward to the many visitors in Siegstadt, with whom they will celebrate spring. (Cathepi)

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