Federal government extends entry rules: Vacation returnees need to know it now

For now, the Corona rules still apply to those returning from leave upon entering Germany. On Wednesday, the Federal Cabinet decided to extend the relevant law until May 31 – otherwise it would have expired on Thursday.

  • So it stays that way All persons twelve years of age or older with 3G evidence of vaccination, cure or testing on entry ought to.

The Ministry of Health clarified in the regulation that even if the current variant of the Omicron virus leads to a less dangerous development of the disease, the spread of new variants with more severe pathogenic properties is not excluded given the continuing dynamic epidemic situation around the world.

As long as your evidence is valid

You can provide your third generation proof in the form of an EU certificate, for example. This applies to different periods of time, depending on the vaccination and the state of recovery.

This applies to those who have been vaccinated twice

  • Your immune status is valid for nine months from the second vaccination.

Anyone who has received two doses of the coronavirus vaccine retains their ‘vaccinator’ status under EU regulation Nine months (270 days). After this period, it is considered unvaccinated in all EU countries. In addition to the medicinal advantage and better protection, the booster vaccination is also recommended for a very practical reason.

This applies to reinforcement

  • Your immune status has been valid so far without time restrictions.

Because unlike double vaccination, booster vaccination does not expire at the moment according to current EU rules. “Booster vaccination certificates have no maximum validity., she says. However, the Commission reserves the right to introduce a lower bound for the term at some point based on scientific findings.

In addition, the Permanent Immunization Committee (Stiko) recommends that all high-risk groups register after the first booster vaccination second batch To allow. These include people over the age of 70, residents, care facility workers, and medical staff. Related to the trip back to Germany Or entering another European country is the fourth vaccination but not yet.

This applies to those who have recovered

  • Your immune status is valid for six months.

Anyone infected with Covid is subject to EU rules half a year As long as he “recovered”. 180 days After a positive result, this state ends. You will then need another form to prove your return trip to Germany.

No need for information SMS for those returning from vacation

In place of entry rules, SMS information about Germany’s Corona regulations, which mobile phone operators previously had to send to people entering the country, will not apply on Friday. For reasons of proportionality and adequate alternative sources of information, this is not necessary. The transmission causes exorbitant monthly costs for network operators with little proven usage – alone around €400,000 for SMS to travelers with foreign mobile operators.

Quarantine obligations still apply

The regulation also stipulates quarantine obligations for returnees from high-risk areas or changing regions of the virus – even if these are currently de facto unenforceable. Because according to the corresponding list of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), no country is currently classified as such an area by the federal government. However, the regulations remain in place because it cannot be excluded that they will be necessary again.

If the regions are again categorized as high-risk or virus-changing regions, you’ll find them here on the RKI website.

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