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At night, when it’s dark outside, wrap you in a quilt and hear harrowing tales of bloody murders. This must be some people’s favorite pastime. Most crimes are fictional, but true stories have also gained popularity in recent years. These real crime podcasts and videos deal with real (solved or unsolved) crimes. Serial killer stories in particular seem to be particularly popular. Even big media groups like Netflix or ZDF have now jumped in this direction. However, in this article, we will focus entirely on the best true crime YouTube channels. If you are more interested in podcasts, you should read our article on Read the best podcasts about German true crime.

By the way, you can hear real crime videos more intensely and without disturbing by using headphones (commission link).

Best True Crime YouTube Channels in German

In Germany too, true crime stories have always been a guarantor of click-through. However, there are much fewer channels in German than in English. Many German-language channels deal more with puzzles and scary videos than specifically with real crimes.



Probably the most watched YouTuber of True Crime in Germany has 1.98 million subscribers jar, a young man whose real name is Julian. His channel is not only about true crimes but also has spooky spooky legends and puzzles in store. In his videos he talks about the victims and how they died. In addition, short clips are shown, each of which is thematically related to what has just been said, but usually not directly related to the case.

Jarrow’s most watched true crime video is about Chris Kremers and Lisanne Fron with 395,000 views. In this 20-minute episode, Jarrow tells the story of two girls who went missing while traveling in Panama. The two of them wanted to hike through the forest, but they never came back from this height. Only a friend’s dog, who was with them, came home one night. To this day what happened to the two women is unclear. Even her camera, found weeks later, was unable to provide any information about her fate.

criminal minds

The videos are also interesting criminal minds. This does not mean the American crime series, but rather the YouTube channel of the same name. This small channel tells about real criminal cases in about 45 minutes of videos. The channel’s two much longer videos, which are two and three hours in length, are also very popular. The two-hour video is about the murder of the Clutter family. The three-hour video is about the so-called “backpack killer”. This was an Australian police officer who killed at least seven people in the 1990s. However, the investigators in this documentation speak of countless other potential victims who could be assigned to it.

the society

There is also a true crime on YouTube called Priscilla Who Same on YouTube the society Names. She writes about true crimes all over the world, especially in Germany. Videos with her also consist of her stories, paired with recordings from the can. With 1.5 million views, her most famous video is a documentation of Natasha Kampush’s case. The case caused an uproar not only in Austria. Natasha was held by the kidnapper for 3,096 days before she was able to escape. She was kidnapped in 1998 when she was only 10 years old and was able to free herself in 2006.

For anyone still interested in this issue: Natasha Kampush has written a book about her kidnapping that you can buy here (commission link). In addition, her story has been filmed, and a DVD can be purchased on Amazon (commission link).


Bucky is a 27-year-old student from Göttingen. In her videos, she deals with real criminal cases and horror stories. In addition to true crime videos, you will also find videos about ghosts and ghosts. Her most famous video is Amanda Taylor, “Sylvie Killer”. This is about Amanda Taylor, an American woman who killed two people after her husband committed suicide. After both crimes, she sent shocking selfies with the victims in the background to a true crime blogger asking her to post the photos. Only thanks to the blogger who called the police was Amanda finally stopped.

Best True Crime YouTube Channels in English

Criminals and crime fighters

Another well-known account operated by ZDF called Criminals and crime fighters. However, this movie is more concerned with prison documentaries and the crimes of great tyrants. Documentaries are about 10 or 50 minutes long. Although the channel is produced by ZDF, the content is in English. However, ZDF has several documentaries about true crimes in German on its website. .’s most popular video Criminals and crime fighters From her documentary series Hard Times. The 50-minute episode is about gang formation in Ohio prisons. The repo team followed inmates and prison guards for a year to make this documentary.

Eleanor Neal

A well-known real crime on YouTube from England is Eleanor Neal. It handles both resolved and unresolved cases. Its 2.16 million subscribers testify to its popularity. At the beginning of her videos, I read a list of uncomfortable topics featured in this video. In addition to the cautionary content, there is an explanation that she does not want to disrespect the victims or their families. She was the only one to issue a lengthy warning about the issues raised in the video.

Her videos are about 45 to 50 minutes long and alternate between telling stories and showing case photos. Her most famous video is “The Becky Watts Affair” and has more than 5.5 million views. The video is about the resolved Becky Watts case. In 2015, the 16-year-old was reported missing. It was later discovered that she had been murdered by her half-brother.

True crime videos remain a great genre that can also be viewed critically. It leaves an old aftertaste when real people cases for clicks and money are broken down to the last detail.

If you haven’t got the chills yet, you can also take a look at the following obscure channels:

Crepe Pasta Bunch


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