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After 15 years at Baskets Oldenburg, Ricky Boulding had his last BBL home game on Friday. It will be emotional when the club legend says ‘goodbye’ – not ‘goodbye’.

Basketball in Oldenburg, this is Ricky Boulding. In 2007 the American came to Lower Saxony and stayed there. For 15 years, he hunted for baskets, and resisted all attempts to hunt him because he and his family felt comfortable in Oldenburg, and they constituted an era. Exceptional in basketball and BBL, player rotations and short-term contracts are the order of the day.

On Friday against Würzburg, Bolding will play their last home game at Bisquets-Hall before the season ends with the first leg in Ludwigsburg on Sunday. On June 4th, a farewell match for the 39-year-old will take place in Oldenburg – where he deserves the credit. But napkins consumption in Oldenburg on Friday is likely to be high.

“For me, Oldenburg is home. It has been for me and my family for 15 years. I will miss cycling in the city. I will miss the people. I will miss playing for the club.”
Ricky Boulding

Oldenburg manager Hermann Schuller says of the American, who came to Oldenburg from France in 2007: “Ricky Bolding is important to the club’s identity. He represents our values: passion, diligence, humility and humility.”

The family traveled from the USA to participate in their last home game

However, at the time, he didn’t think that he would stay in the university town of Hunt for 15 years. “No, of course not,” said Pauling, who would resent Würzburg. His mom and dad came all the way from the United States to be a part of this special moment. “It means a lot to me,” says Pauling, who grew up without a father in Detroit’s challenging environment. “My mother made sure I was able to go my own way and always stayed out of precarious situations when I was little.”

2009 Champion and 2015 Cup Winner

The crowd favorite scored nearly 8000 points (7933) for baskets, which he won the Championship (2009) and the Cup (2015) in his own arena. The captain, who is also very popular outside the club, is also the best foreign scorer in the history of the Bundesliga. It was a constant part of the BBL stock and was also celebrated in opposing halls after his departure was announced.

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Back to the USA – “Just Relax”

After the end of his career, Boulding returned to his American homeland, to Kansas City. He wants to be closer to his family again. “It was very special to be in one place for so long. There are so many lasting memories and I will miss a lot,” he told Radio Bremen. “But I’m looking forward to what’s to come. And I’ll have more time for my family.”

First of all, as the father of three declared, he wanted to “relax on the sofa for two months.” But he wants to keep his sport and basketball alive, because “basketball is my life and always will be.”

Discussions are currently underway with club officials about his specific future role. “It would be great to be able to do something with the kids here. For example, if I take care of the basketball camps, I can allow basketball to continue to grow in Oldenburg,” said the 39-year-old.

Paulding: “See you soon for sure.”

Pauling isn’t going to go all out in Paulingburg anyway. A huge mural, on which the club’s symbol extends his arms, is decorated on a wall next to the Baskets Arena. “Pauldingburg – since 2007” can be read in all capital letters. “It makes me proud,” said Boulding, who certainly wants to visit Oldenburg and Baskets fans even after he retires. “So, this is not goodbye, but see you soon.”

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