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Smart gents: FV Germania’s home has been in Waldau since the 1920s. Photo: Archive / Germania Degerloch

FV Germania Degerloch celebrates its 125th anniversary this weekend. The club has an excellent position in the youth field, but the challenges are growing with it.

The artificial turf floor in Königsträßle is often narrow. “It can happen that up to four teams train at the same time on our soil,” said Björn Breuer, president of FV Germania Degerloch. The football club in Waldau has earned an excellent reputation in the youth field and therefore a huge influx, but in fact it has only one stadium. This may not be the best situation, but our dedicated coaches and supervisors have mastered this challenge well so far.

While other gyms have run out of breath during the Corona period or lost their members, Degerlocher is sometimes reminded of an ant grass. From Bambini to Youth A, all the teams are occupied, and there are usually two or even three teams per age group. In addition, there are active players with coach and former professional Alexander “Sacha” Malchow and AH – a total of about 400 footballers on the Königsträßle Arena (plus a Pilates and a walking group). However, this is by no means a sure success. It is always a recurring task of the club to introduce the kids to the club and to find supervisors. “Young people are always an important topic for us – both for players and for coaches,” says Bjorn Breuer. “It’s a constant struggle where you have to keep reinventing yourself.”

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But now the anniversary weekend is approaching. For nearly 125 years ago – on May 2, 1897 – the Society was founded, not in Degerloch but in Heslach. The first name sounds very strange today: football club Germania Stuttgart – Karlsforstadt. This is what Heslach was temporarily called in honor of King Karl of Württemberg. From 1908 onwards the club was called FV Germania 1897 Stuttgart and in the 1920s it found its home on the old parade grounds east of Degerloch, now known as Waldau. The fact that the football club finally got “Degerloch” in its name was actually due to other clubs. Because when SV Degerloch, TV Stuttgart and TB Stuttgart merged to form FC Stuttgart in 1973, the name of the place no longer appears in any of the club’s titles. The Germanic tribes jumped up and changed their name again – to FV Germania Degerloch 1897.

In recent years, the Waldau Society has remodeled its buildings. The club building was actually expanded by one floor in 1998, and the building was completely renovated in 2014. Pizza Masaniello is very popular there. The restaurant attracts many guests, especially in the warm months. In 2011, Tennenplatz was converted to artificial turf, and shortly thereafter a barbecue hut was built. Recently, the Germans renovated some of the cabins and floodlights, and now they have renovated the children’s playground. It will reopen on Saturday.

“In recent years, about 300,000 euros have flowed into our infrastructure,” says President Breuer, “of course, such projects are financed by the Stuttgart Sports Office and the state sports federation – but you still have to pay a large part yourself. “

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In addition, clubs such as FV Germania Degerloch rely on a large number of motivated volunteers to take on all the challenges – and the Germans have also experienced droughts time and time again. “This anniversary makes me even more proud, because we are now a well-organised, successful and healthy club,” says Breuer, who always emphasizes the performance of the whole team. The many committed people on the Board and Committee, among the coaches and supervisors as well as all loyal supporters, will make Germania’s success story possible.

What does the future look like? “We will always remain a sports club with a football focus,” says the Chairman. But it’s still important to think outside the box from time to time. “I’ve had a skateboarding section on my mind for years now, let’s see if I’ll tackle it after my career on the board,” Breuer says with a wink.

Weekend program

Saturday 30th April
From 9 am to 1 pm. From 1 p.m., the junior and senior penalty shootout tournament; From 6pm. Anniversary party with DJ Max Eckhoff in the tent.

Sunday 1 May
from 10am in May for Hockey and U-14 Youth Tournament (with Racing Strasbourg, SV Stuttgarter Kickers, FC Astoria Waldorf, Main Team and FV Germania Degerloch); From 1pm live Andy pub music; From 5 p.m., the home game for the first team (Zone A League).

Germania Degerloch, sports district of Königsträßle 15 on Waldau, Internet: www.germania-degerloch.de

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