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In the summer, the legendary battle for the tennis crown will finally rise: Wimbledon!

The tournament is the oldest and most important tennis competition in the world. The turf highlighting ceremony has been held in the London area since 1877. On June 27 it will finally start again, on July 10, 2022, the men’s final will take place. In 2020, the tournament was canceled due to the Corona pandemic. Last year, in front of a limited number of spectators, world number one Novak Djokovic (34) and Australian Ashleigh Barty (25) – Djokovic won for the sixth time!

It looks like Wimbledon 2022 will once again be held in front of the full stands in London. Who will be the king and queen of the tennis world this year? All information about the tournament can be found here.

Participants 2022

The winner in 2021 is definitely out. Ash Barty (26) ended her career – despite her young age: “Wimbledon 2021 has changed a lot. I always wanted to win that, and then I won. I gave everything for tennis, I can’t do more.”

The winner in 2021 weakens. After Djokovic, who has not been vaccinated against Covid-19, was refused entry before the Australian Open in January and had to spend several days in custody, the world number one is looking to get in shape. He recently admitted “this keeps me busy every day”. When asked about the French Open in May and Wimbledon in June, the Serbian told the BBC that he would rather not have big successes in tennis than get vaccinated against coronavirus: “Yes, that’s the price I’m willing to pay. Good for the Serbs: none at the moment. Restrictions on entry into England.

German Olympic champion Alexander Zverev (24), who was disappointingly knocked out in the last 16 last year, has announced his desire to win this year’s Grand Slam title. Where would that be more beautiful than the most important tournament in the world? 2018 Wimbledon winner Angelique Keeper (34) will want to attack again.

A total of 128 women and men will participate in the men’s and women’s singles competitions. In addition, there are 64 pairs in both men’s and women’s doubles and 48 pairs in mixed doubles.

Russian and Belarusian professionals will not be present this year. The reason: the war against Ukraine. Organizers at Wimbledon decided last week not to allow Russian and Belarusian tennis pros to participate in the Grand Slam tournament in June. The WTA and ATP federations criticized her for this.

game plan

Date pairing game round the time
06/27/2022 Single men and women 1 round From 12 pm
06/28/2022 Single men and women 1 round From 12 pm
06/29/2022 Single men and women second round From 12 pm
06/30/2022 Single men and women second round From 12 pm
01/07/2022 Single men and women third round From 12 pm
02/07/2022 Single men and women third round From 12 pm
07/03/2022 Single men and women round of 16 From 12 pm
04.07.2022 Single men and women round of 16 From 12 pm
05.07.2022 Single men and women Quarter-finals From 12 pm
06.07.2022 Single men and women Quarter-finals From 12 pm
07/07/2022 women singles semi-finals From 12 pm
07/08/2022 Men’s Singles semi-finals From 12 pm
09/07/2022 women singles ultimate From 12 pm
My men’s husband ultimate From 12 pm
Ladies’ husband ultimate From 12 pm
07/10/2022 Men’s Singles ultimate from 15 o’clock
mixed double ultimate From 12 pm

money prize

Recently, £38 million (about €44 million) was distributed to all participants. The winners of the women’s and men’s singles tournaments each received 2.35 million pounds of this sum.

Where can I watch Wimbledon 2022 on TV?

Sky will broadcast the Tennis Championships again this year. The pay TV broadcaster has enjoyed Wimbledon rights since 2007. The German games will be shown live on up to 5 channels. Also new: a conference of live matches, highlights, analysis and interviews on Sky Sport 1. From the quarter-finals onwards, every match is available in full length.

You can also follow all the matches in the live broadcast on sportbild.de in the summer.

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