Wedding in Dinslaken: documents, registry office, costs

The beginning of the wedding season
Dinslaken marries against this trend

The number of marriages is declining across NRW. Not so in Dinslaken. More brides are checking out here in 2021 than in 2020. An overview of everything you need to know about the start of the wedding season.

It is clear that couples in Dinslaken were more willing to marry than those in the rest of the country last year. As the state’s IT.NRW data center reported this week, the number of marriages in North Rhine-Westphalia fell by 3.2 percent in the second year of the coronavirus, 2021. In 2020, there were still nearly 80,000 couples across the country. In the word yes country, and last year there were only nearly 77,000 – a development that goes unnoticed in the Dinslaken registry office. Overview.

marriages Contrary to the national trend, the number of marriages in Dinslaken increased slightly last year. “In 2021, 213 couples said yes to each other,” says Marcel Sturm, a Dinslaken city spokesperson. “In 2020 there were 202.” In general, however, the numbers are consistent. According to the administration’s documents, the strongest years of the past decade were 2011 with 232 marriages and 2019 with 231 marriages.

    Historic Town Hall in Dinslaken.

Historic Town Hall in Dinslaken.
Photo: Zerfield

In the current year 2022, 59 marriages were concluded in Dinslaken. In addition, the registry still has 143 registries, including 66 planned weddings that will take place at registry offices other than those at Dinslaken City Hall.

divorce There are currently no national figures for the number of divorces in 2021. In 2020, 32,554 marriages were divorced in the state of NRW – most of them a year after the separation. In Dinslaken there were 214 cases in the same year, and last year the number of divorces in the city was 218. However, these numbers cannot be directly compared with the number of marriages in the city. The number of divorces also includes marriages divorced from other cities that have affected at least one partner registered in Dinslaken.

deliveries You can have children out of wedlock. The responsibility for birth registration is the responsibility of the registry office. In the second Corona year 2021 (579), fewer children were registered in the city than in 2020 (611).

where can i get married Civil marriage in Dinslaken is only possible in the wedding room of the historic town hall. “Nice atmosphere for the big day,” the city declares on its website. Not only the city hall itself, but also the city park with old trees, duck pond or the “scenic driveway” to the inner courtyard of the castle provides a beautiful backdrop for wedding photos.

How is the marriage registration process? Registration for marriage may take place in Dinslaken six months before the date of the planned wedding. It is possible to register in writing or in person. Written registration documents can be found online at Personal registration is only possible after a prior appointment by phone.

Costs In the case of marriage under German law, an administrative fee of €70 is charged for examining the requirements for marriage. For weddings under foreign law, the fee is 90 euros. Furthermore, there may be a fee for obtaining an extended registration certificate (€9 each) and the documents to be generated (usually €30).

aura The number of guests allowed in the wedding room is eight, in addition to the bride and groom. Since this number can change at any time, the registry office will inform the newlyweds of the applicable regulations by phone during the week of the wedding ceremony.

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