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Like any other medium, comics can compress time intervals, transform, distort objects, and allow people to do whatever their imaginations can do. Three notable books can do all that.

by Matthias Heller

“An Endless World” by Jean-Marc Jankovici and Christoph Blaine

Jean-Marc Jankoviche is one of the most famous French experts on energy and climate issues. Christophe Blaine is a talented painter full of wit and humour. Together they created one of the best books on the subject.

Awakening and Enlightenment: “A Endless World” by Jean-Marc Yankovic and Christoph Blaine

While the expert explains the basics and connects with the comedian, which many of us get a slight twinkle in our eyes just by listening to, Blain manages to translate this information into understandable images and graphics. One devoured page after page with joy. You finally understand how each person’s energy consumption is configured and that more energy efficient machines will not be of any use if you suddenly have twice the energy consumption. We also learn that there is a sudden opportunity to start an energy transition. Endless World is a complex non-fiction book in the form of an entertaining graphic novel – Awakening and Enlightenment. Greta Thunberg will be happy with this book – but her critics will, too.

“Something Strong” Lika Pray

A huge bundle of hay with legs going up the mountain. This is not only the cover of Lika Nesley’s book “Starks Ding”, but also a metaphor for strength and perseverance. Her father owned it, and she tells his story. He grew up on a farm in Toggenburg, eastern Switzerland. He had to play early. At the age of twelve, in 1949, the family gave him – for one franc a day to a remote farm – as a child laborer. He will stay there for four years.

Book cover: Lika Nussli - Strong Thing © Edition Moderne

Resonant influencer: “Starks Ding” Lika Nesli

What at first glance looked like a felt-tip stylus in a sixth-grade art class turned out to be a deeply spiritual portrait of a close relative. Lika Nesli is based on the Peasants of Eastern Switzerland. Some of her characters are barefoot, with big hands, ears, noses or legs and feet – but she lives on a level of detail, like the Korfürstein mountain range. Nesli manages to forge a close relationship with this boy – her father – and his fate as a child contract worker while reading. Touch and sonorous.

Slaughterhouse No. 5 by Kurt Vonnegut, Ryan North and Albert Montes

“Schlachhof 5” is Kurt Vonnegut’s most famous novel and is to some a monument to anti-war literature. Published in 1969 and filmed three years later, it is now available as a graphic novel for the first time. It was carried out by Canadian Ryan North and Spaniard Albert Montes. Both are among the best in the comic scene.

Book cover: Kurt Vonnegut with Ryan North and Albert Monteys - Slaughterhouse 5 © Cross Cult Verlag

Visually Strong and Timeless: “Schlachhof 5” by Kurt Vonnegut, Ryan North and Albert Montez

Vonnegut’s shallow warlike satire about his main character Billy Pilgrim, who survives the Dresden firestorm as a prisoner of war and is later able to travel through time with the help of extraterrestrials, becomes an impressive journey. There is a time that jumps every minute. These changes in perspective, especially in comics, are easy to implement through changes in color and style. Manufacturers pull all the breakpoints, and that’s how you suddenly think you’re in an old Marvel comic book.

Schlachthof 5 was not unfairly nominated for last year’s Eisner Award for comic book. This adaptation is far from successful, visually powerful and in a real sense: timeless.

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