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Cottbus (dpa) – The relief at Stefan Marche cannot be ignored. “Since 2019, the theater has finally become a vital meeting place once again,” Staatstheater Cottbus director said Wednesday when the new 2022/2023 season program was presented. Among other things, 20 premieres, five world premieres, eight orchestral concerts and many guest performances were planned – this time without Corona’s restrictions, as Marquee clearly resolved. “We want to sing, dance, play and celebrate loud parties – with the audience and the audience (…).”

The director stressed that the issue of the Corona pandemic had become a secondary issue with the Russian war against Ukraine. Most important of all is to meet and exchange ideas. In times of threat, he said, rapprochement is needed. This term is illuminated in pieces and shapes.

In this way, the theater seeks a convergence of fascinating themes and popular classics. As the first production under new management, Michael Frane’s “The Naked Wrath” is a popular stage comedy – a humorous homage to failure. Laughter together should bring people closer, according to the theater’s new three-man squad: Francesca Benac, Armin Petras and Philip Roosendaal who took over the technical direction of the division on a par from the 2022/2023 season.

Bennack said the topic of proximity has to do with getting to know the group and the audience. This also included special formats such as “Jukebox”, a type of concert in which audience favorite songs are performed.

According to the theater, proximity also includes a regional search for clues. For example, the novels “Space Traveler” and “Kairos” by East German authors Lukas Reichl and Jenny Erbenbeck will be shown. The two plays are about people lost in the whirlpool of German-German history. Rosendahl presents, among other things, the classic “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare. “We have to establish ourselves as a theater and bring the audience back again,” he appreciated as one of the acting directors.

Also planned performances include major operas such as “La Boheme” by Giacomo Puccini, “The Magic Flute” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and “Tristan and Isolde” directed by Richard Wagner and directed by art director Märki. “Das Katzenhaus” comes to the stage as a children’s musical theater in collaboration between Staatstheater and Piccolo-Theatre. “Anna Karenina” based on the novel by Leo Tolstoy is also one of the productions.

Since the theater is a theater of four genres, it also has ballet performances on the program this season. It comes with classics like “The Nutcracker,” but also with “Freddy,” an evening ballet about Queen singer Freddie Mercury. The band lights up his tattered personality.

The pandemic has also left its mark on the Staatstheater. The last season was marked by low subscribers, cancellations and illness, summed up the commercial director, Iris Donicki. “Of course, we also observed hesitant buying behavior, which is also reflected in the subscription numbers.”

According to her, there was a 12 percent drop in the theater sector and 19 percent in the concert sector. Out of 384 shows, 59 were canceled due to corona or illness. With 31,160 people, the number of visitors halved last season, as did the half-million-euro income. The theater was only 63 percent full.

Dönicke is optimistic about the new season. The theater with a full seating capacity of 621 is planned for the Great House. 130 seats in the room stage and 126 seats in the stage barn. 1.8 million euros of investment will be allocated, including for the new sound system. A new soundproof floor has already been installed to improve acoustics. In addition, the theater wants to do more outdoor advertising with two new projectors. “We want to create closeness from the outside world so that we can become more visible.” Communication with the city is important.

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