Relaxation of culture: maximum use of 50 percent in the future

In the future, twice as many spectators will be allowed at indoor cultural events in the Free State as before: In theaters, cinemas, and other cultural events, audience occupancy rates of up to 50 percent will be allowed again from Thursday — it was previously 25 percent. percentage. Cabinet decided on Tuesday. This also applies if the correct minimum valid distance of 1.50 metres can no longer be maintained, said state council chief Florian Hermann (CSU).

The absolute maximum is 10,000 spectators

At the same time, the complete ban on large national cultural events will be lifted: if more than 1,000 spectators are expected, the spectator capacity can be used up to a maximum of 25 percent. As with major sporting events, there is a maximum capacity of 10,000 spectators for concerts in the stadium.

Access rules (2G plus or 2G) remain unchanged for all of this, and FFP2 mask requirements and alcohol bans apply at events.

Minister: “Permanent Exchange with Industry”

“We can give art and culture more space, both literally and figuratively,” said Bernd Sibler (CSU), the arts minister, in a statement. “The new use capacity allows for a larger audience and therefore more prospects for our artistic and cultural institutions in Bavaria, especially for small stages.” Sibler wants to have worked “extensively” on this improvement with Digital Secretary Judith Gerlach (CSU) in the past few weeks. Both now assert: “Our cultural institutions have long demonstrated that they have taken very good and effective measures to minimize the risk of infection.” They are “in constant contact with the industry”.

With the new regulations, we will ensure “more performance opportunities for our artists and a greater cultural exposure for our citizens,” Siebler says: “I look forward to a cultural experience with the possibility of having more people in the auditorium.”

Digital Minister Gerlach explained: “The mitigation measures that we have decided today are another important motivation for cinema operators so that they can operate more economically. As a movie fan, I am personally pleased that more people can once again enjoy the unique cinema experience together in the hall at the same time.” .

For the spokesperson for the cultural policy of the FDP’s parliamentary group in the state parliament, Wolfgang Heubisch, the measures do not go far enough: “The Bavarian state government has failed. It urgently needs to make improvements and free events from the shackles of 2G plus.”

This is how film and cultural workers interact

Reactions to this are mixed among those affected: for example, Lisa Nadler, operator of the Neue Welt cinema center in Weiden, wished that 2G could only be applied in cultural settings, as in gastronomy. But the Bavarian government, in its meeting today, adhered to stricter rules in theaters and cinemas. With half the seats in the auditoriums now able to be filled again, according to cinema operator Lisa Nadler, economic work is possible again.

For Munich cinema director “Gloria Palast” Florian Mitling, relief is a real help in difficult times, but it is not quite enough: “50 percent means more guests, but it’s still 100 percent costs, which is why there are still hard times.”

In the case of the director of Bamberg Symphony, Marcus Rudolf Axt, the joy of being able to play in front of a slightly full auditorium reigns once again. The signal effect of this laxity is also important for him. “A great step by the state government in this wave. That’s right now.” The director of the Bavarian State Opera, Serge Dorney, also made similar comments about the decisions. “After all the time we’ve had to lay off artists, it’s important that we go one step further,” Florian Weber, drummer for rock band Sportfreunde Stiller, told BR.

Criticism of 2-G-plus regulation of culture

For Uwe Loehr, director at the theater an der Rot in Eigenfelden, the new rules are the first step towards “normality”. The increased occupancy limit allows the audience to slowly get used to the fully occupied halls again.

Axel Lapp, President of Mewo Kunsthalle in Memmingen, criticizes the state government’s decision to maintain 2G plus regulations for culture. 2G is enough to visit the coffee shop, no proof required to buy, this is a “disruption, a flaw of culture, culture simply not taken seriously”.

The Bavarian Music Council is also partly happy with today’s decision. For the association’s president, Helmut Kaltenhauser, it is inexplicable why there continues to be unequal treatment of the catering sector, which works with 2G and at full capacity, he told BR. With all the understanding of the increasing infection numbers, he hopes to get stomach regulations in line.

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