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Today begins the first five-star long event of the season with the first dressage group in the real mecca of racing in Kentucky, USA. A few thousand kilometers south, some of the world’s best show jumpers are battling for the next stage of the World Champions Tour. In Europe, there are Nations Cups for young riders in showjumping and dressage saddles.

Dressage International Championships (CDI3*) from April 28 to May 1 in Troisdorf
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Official International Youth Show Jumping Championships (CSIOY/J/Ch/P) from April 28 to May 1 in Fontainebleau/FRA

The teams representing the German colors in the age groups, Young Riders, Junior, Children and Pony have been mixed in the upcoming Nations Cup in Fontainebleau once. Missing last week’s Grand Prix winners Ava Firch and Madeleine Bowie, as well as Federal Junior Champion Julie Marie Conner, will be absent. In contrast, former German pony-jumping champion Joanna Beckmann, and other young talents have the opportunity to compete for the German national team.

CSIOY: Joanna Beckmann (two colors); Paul Ribloh (Rhine); Marin Hoffmann (Mönchengladbach); Jonas Sander (Noyes); Willen Weidmayer (Hamburg).
CSIOJ: Julius Placer (Krefeld); Marcel Candziora (Harren); Fabio Thelin (Lossheim); Emma Widmaier (Hamburg).
CSIOCh: Vika Sophie Paddy (Pradirap); Carlotta Merchformann (Rosendal); Frida Baobach (Dam); Tony Strowmans (Eschweiler); Leonard Tillman (Grifenbroich).
CSIOP: Emile Borand (Munich); Hannah Brauer (Wellensdorf); Antonia Hessler (Chements); Franca Clementine Crawley (Isrenhagen); Leonie Bender (Bad Zweschenan).

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Showjumping International (CSI5 * GCT / GCL) from April 27 to May 1 in Mexico City / Mexico

Catherine Eckermann achieved amazing success with nine-year-old lone mare Cala Mandia at the Global Champions Tour stage in Miami (USA). German champion Tobias Mayer also performed well in his first GCT Showjumping test with his top horse Greatest Boy, with whom he placed fourth in the crucial showjumping test in Miami. In addition to GCT, other points of competition for the teams in the series, the World Champions League, are also at stake. Here Ludger Bierbaum and Christian Kocock of the Eagles Berlin were ahead in Miami.

Christian Ahlmann (Marl); Jens Bachmann (Monster); Ludger Bierbaum (Horstel); Daniel Deuser (Germany); Catherine Eckermann (Sassenburg); Christian Kocock (Horstel); Tobias Mayer (Germany).

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International Show Jumping (CSI5 *) from 28 April to 1 May in Saint Tropez / France
David Weil (Eslerlon).

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Dressage International Championships (CDI3*) from 28 April to 1 May in St. Margaretten / AUT
Yara Reichert (AI book).

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Official International Youth Dressage Championships (CDIOY/J/P/CDIY/J/P) from April 28 to May 1 in Le Mans / France

In the dressage arena, young riders from Europe also compete in the Nations Cups in the age groups, Young Riders, Juniors and Ponies at the weekend.

CDIOY: Theresa Friesdorf (Vittweiss); Caroline Lass (Temple); Henriette Schmidt (Numburg);
CDIY: Antonia Maria Winter (Erfurt).
CDIOJ: tree belt Lana Pino (Notulen); Nina Sue Newman (Hood); Vivian Burgmann (Ostbevern).
CDIJ: Lana Pino tree belt (Notulen).
CDIOP: Lily Marie Colin (Düsseldorf); Caroline Meissner (Schisel); Clara Bascherts (Kloppenburg); Julie-Sophie Schmitz-Henin (Wermelskirchen).

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The International Events Championship (CCI5*-L) from April 27 to May 1 in Lexington / USA

The highlight of the big events awaits the equestrian world in Kentucky (USA). From a German point of view, we have to keep our fingers crossed for Michael Jung and his EM Chipmunk winner. Last year’s winners are Oliver Townend and Balaghmore Class, who are also on the starting roster this year and will be fighting for victory.

Michael Jong (Horp).

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CSIO Zduchovice: Grand Prix wins Ferch, Boy and Nations Cup results

International Events Championship (CCI4*-L) April 27 to May 1 in Sumore / FRA
Nikolai Aldger (Egestorf); Andreas Ostholt (Warrendorf).

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International Events Championship (CCI4*-S/3*-S/2*-S) from April 28 to May 1 in Sopot / Poland
CCI4*-S: Heike Jahncke (Ganderkesee).
CCI3*-S: Martina Remetsma (Gros Walmstorv); Neil Spiering (Elmenhurst).
CCI2*-S: Martina Remetsma (Gros Walmstorv).

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International Jumping Championships (CVI3 * / CVIY3 * U21 / CVI3 * Pas de Deux / CVI3 * Groups / CVI2 * / CVIJ2 * / CVIJ2 * Pas de Deux / CVI2 * Groups / CVIJ2 * Groups) from April 29 to May 1 in Ermelo / Ned
CVI3*: Women: Hannah Stiverding (Herxheim); Katherine Mayer (Hamburg); Pauline Riedel (Aachen); Alina Ross (user); Men: Thorben Hoppe (Wolfsen); Thomas Proswitz (Cologne); Yannick Hyland (Wolfsen); Julian Welving (Untermeitingen).
CVIY3*U21: Ladies: Diana Harwardt (Bernau); Gianna Ronca (Monheim); Mona Pavic (Noyes); Anime scenes (Beiersdorf).
CVI3 * Pas de Deux: Diana Harwardt (Bernau) / Peter Kuhn (Berlin); Justin van Gerven (Cologne) / Chiara Kongia (Berlin); Juliana Osenberg-Engels (Altina) / Timo Gerdes (Esserlohn).
CVI3 kits*: RV Altena with Jona Kehl (Balve), Svenja Staupe (Menden), Timo Gerdes (Iserlohn), Kiara Meißner (Breckerfeld), Leonie Müller (Werdohl), Jolina Ossenberg-Engels (Altena), Carlotta Lewandowski (Neuenrade); Handorf – Sudmühle 1 with Lara Schlinge (Schöppingen), Henrike Nissen (Münster), Chiara Plate (Münster), Jule Tiggemann (Drensteinfurt), Nico Südmersen (Münster), Franziska Löw (Greven), Louise Stöcker (Münster) (Metel) Larissa Schlautmann (Monster); Team Norka Automation with Rebecca Verlage (Rheurdt), Thomas Brüsewitz (Cologne), Mona Mertens (Korschenbroich), Gianna Ronca (Monheim), Chiara Congia (Berlin), Justin van Gerven (Cologne), Bela Lehnen (Moers), Mona Pavetic ( Noyes).
CVI2*: Women: Gila Hamann (Keel); Benita Julia Jules (Hamburg); Kiara Blitt (Monster).
CVIJ2*: Ladies: Lily Warren (Oldenburg); Francis Moldenhauer (Osterburg); Men: Arnes Hees (Dörverden); Ben Lichtenberg (Gladbeck); Bella Lenin (Moyers).
CVIJ2 * Doux Pass: Francis Mildenhauer (Osterberg) / Finn Galren (Bernau).
CVI2 kits*: Cologne 2nd team with Jana Seeger (Cologne), Theresa Schulz-Probsting (Cologne), Jana Zelesny (Cologne), Cheyenne Polo (Bremen), Jana Dolman (Cologne), Lena Altendagoglo (Leverkusen), Teresa Gruner (Welish), Marie Ronka (Monheim); RFZV St. H: Herne I with Phil Wagner (Dortmund), Jannek Spinneken (Dortmund), Ben Lechtenberg (Gladbeck), Hanna Noack (Dortmund), Emiliz Tyschak (Dortmund), Gianna Meyer (Lünen), Lena Dembski.
CVIJ2 kits*: Friedenbeck Jr. with Mila Kopuk (Friedenbeck), Helle Kopuk (Friedenbeck), Mirja Krone (Drutsen), Leah Krone (Drutsen), Henry Frischmuth (Friedenbeck), Anita Schwartz (stadium), Lotta Schauber (Hornberg); Junior Team Oldenburg with Arne Herz (Dorverden), Lily Warren (Oldenburg), Emily Nienber (Jarrel), Mia Bury (Jarrel), Mila Warren (Oldenburg), Simon Stoltz (Bodenheim).

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Other tournaments (*/**) abroad with German participation
CSI2 * / 1 * / YH Boguslawice / POL from 28 April to 1 May;
CSI2 / 1 * / YH Busto Arsizio / ITA from April 28 to May 1;
CSI2 * / 1 * / YH Chepstow / GBR from April 28 to May 1;
CSI2 * / 1 * / YH Deurne / NED from 27 April to 1 May;
CSI2 * / 1 * / YH Kiskunhalas / HUN From April 29 to May 1;
CSI 2 * / 1 * / YH Opglabbeek / BEL from 28 April to 1 May;
CEI1 * Samorin / SVK from April 29 to May 1;

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