Transfer of knowledge, not promotion of ideology

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis on Monday signed legislation banning the inclusion of issues of sexual orientation and gender identity in classrooms through third grade. Parents can sue school authorities for violations. Criticism from the LGBTQ community sees this as discrimination against gay and transgender people, especially against gay and transgender students.

At best an opinion, at worst an ideology

Indeed, in a free country, no one can be prevented from identifying and identifying with gay, transgender, or non-binary people. This freedom is also not available to extract under the law. The name of the law, the Parents’ Rights in Education Act, makes clear what this topic is: the school’s mission is to impart knowledge. With the new law, the governor and legislators realized that gender theory is not knowledge but opinion at best, and ideology at worst. The latter does not belong to the competence of the school, but to the competence of the parents, who may claim the right to undertake the ideological upbringing of their children – in a broader sense.

In Germany, the number of transgender children and adolescents receiving treatment has increased fivefold since 2013. In Sweden, the number of “transgender boys,” meaning girls who feel like boys, increased by 1,500% from 2008 to 2018. He speaks Child and adolescent psychiatrist Alexander Kurti of Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU) reports “transient noise.” As early as 2018, he commented on the phenomenon that many young people often appear as “transgender” at the same time in individual schools: “This goes against all medical possibilities. There must be other reasons,” the doctor told the newspaper. Die Zeit’ Weekly at the time.

Only half the battle

Legislation like the Parental Rights to Education Act is a political step in the right direction, but it is only half the battle. Requiring schools not to propagate any ideology must go hand in hand with the positive claim that true specialist knowledge is taught there. Even after third grade, sex education classes must stick to biological facts. This is the only way he can help young people make fact-based decisions that will affect their entire lives.

Yes, from a certain age the topic also belongs to school lessons, because sooner or later young people will also encounter it outside of school. Through Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok, young people seeking identity and acceptance easily find themselves in LGBTQ communities that encourage “transition,” that is, matching biological sex with perceived sex. The minimum requirement for the school to accept every life decision should not be without a doubt, but all consequences should be indicated based on facts.

Where are the limits of politics?

This also includes giving people a chance to speak out who wanted to “cure” their discomfort in their body by changing their gender and now know this wasn’t the right way. Young women, Nellie and Ellie, told their story of girl to man and back to woman in “Welt” in January. Neal admitted no one questioned her self-diagnosis at the time.

This is where the limits of politics come into play. It is social forces that propagate LGBT ideology. A counter-movement supported by civil society is needed to educate parents and children about the dangers and convey an emphatic image of humanity as a man and a woman.

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