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Owning a car isn’t exactly cheap. In addition to purchase, maintenance, and fuel costs, insurance premiums add up to large sums over the years. However: very few people can and want to do without a car. It is important to save costs where possible. Towards the end of the year, car owners regularly start with the premium and look for cheap tariffs. The cheap contribution to car insurance is not the only criterion that consumers have to consider. It is worth taking a closer look at the conditions to avoid bad surprises in an emergency. Car insurance from freeyou, for example, offers attractive terms.

Quality Motor Vehicles Responsibility

Vehicle insurance through vehicle liability is mandatory. However, there are significant differences between insurance companies. To cover personal injury, the legislator estimates coverage at a minimum of 7.5 million euros. But it is precisely in these cases that the amount is quickly used up through treatment and treatment costs or lifelong pensions. As a general rule, vehicle owners should insure themselves as much as possible with vehicle liability insurance. An insured amount of at least 50, and even better 100 million euros reduces the risk of financial ruin in the event of serious accidents for policyholders for a few extra euros. If you rent cars abroad, you must also cover this with the Mallorca Policy.

Casco’s trap: gross negligence

Some cheaply priced insurers use a defense of blanket insurance claims in the event of gross negligence. Severe cuts can be the result when a red traffic light is triggered resulting in an accident. Since no one is perfect, vehicle owners must fix the gross negligence waiver clause for contractual legal certainty. This saves a lot of money and hassle in the event of an accident, but increases the premium by a few euros. Even if the waiver clause is used, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is gross negligence and results in loss of benefits.

The Casco Trap: Workshop Commitment and Replacement Value

Comprehensive insurance contribution can be reduced by up to 20 percent if you agree to commit to a workshop. The insurance company chooses the workshop in which the car is repaired. Above all, owners of rented, financed or new cars should avoid this. In order not to lose new car warranties, leasing risks or financing contracts, you should visit an authorized workshop in these cases.
If new cars are damaged or stolen, insurance companies usually pay back the original value for a maximum of six months. In addition, only the replacement value is paid. However, a good provider works with a new price condition of at least twelve months. However, this extension is usually not cheap.

Use savers discounts

Discount savers live up to their name if damage occurs. Although the cost of a free shot increases by about 10 to 15 percent of the annual premium, there is no increase in the premium for self-injury. If the no-personal claims category has been reduced over the years, this will usually be much higher than the discount protection rate. When using discount savings when changing insurance, policyholders must ensure that discount protection is not lost. Then there is the threat of a rating downgrade and corresponding increase in premiums. This is often the case, especially with cheaper providers.

Protection from accidents affecting animals

Basically, comprehensive insurance covers accidents related to the fur game. Additionally, insurance against collisions with all animals makes sense for vehicle owners, especially in rural areas. In the event that there are many farm animals such as horses, cows or sheep, collision with them with expensive damages cannot be ruled out. Plus, you can protect yourself from marten bites and damage from wires and hoses through an insurance company for little money.

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