Reeser Wiesenkultur: Visitors need to know in advance

The second Reeser Wiesenkultur starts on Thursday. The site is currently under preparation. Visitors to events need to know this.

“He was introduced,” says Christoph Gerwers, letting his sight wander above Schützenplatz on Bergswicker Strasse in Reiss. There is a lively activity here in the sunlight. In a few hours, for example, the Decor Event team has set up the stage and will begin tuning in at noon.

Detlef Westerhoff from Heelden also makes their own white pagodas so proper gastronomy is provided too. In fact, everything is almost ready. “Now the guests should only come,” says the mayor of Reims.

Up to 800 visitors have space at the fairgrounds at Reeser Wiesenkultur

Rees city organizers hope to welcome many visitors from Thursday. While 250 cars found space in the meadow in tough lockdown in 2021, about 500 people should now be able to enjoy the show Thursday at Sven Pistor and 800 each at Wiesen-Beatz, Rock and Comedy and the Family Day.

“We tried to prepare something for the Reesers,” says Christophe Girouez. Now he is looking forward to a response. Which will certainly be decisive in determining whether Wiesenkultur, also supported by Sparkasse Rhein-Mass and Westenergie, will establish itself on the events calendar in Reims.

You can take a seat at Sven Bestor

Starts Thursday, April 28. “Then the place will also have benches,” reveals Sigrid Mölleken. There will be a dance floor only at Wiesen-Beatz on Friday. Partial seating with beer tent groups and dance floors is also scheduled on Saturday and Sunday, according to the head of the cultural office.

The city has already put up several stop-over signs along Bergswicker Straße. “The no-stop zone is important so that the flow of traffic is not disrupted,” Gewers stresses. This one also appeals to the residents of Reis in particular: “Come by bike.” Other than that, there is also a parking space in the vicinity next to the Reese’s building yard, which is provided by the farms. You can park your car here for free. Bicycles can also be parked in the building’s yard.

Security controls visitors at the entrance

The Wiesenkultur site is accessed via the building’s courtyard. “Here’s the entrance and a few meters after the security check,” says Mölleken. You are not allowed to bring your own food and drinks, but you are allowed to bring blankets and seat cushions. Sports bags and jute bags as well as small handbags are also allowed.

In addition to five security personnel, of course personnel from the Reiss City Administration will also be on duty. From ten to twelve, Mulkin reveals. They will ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. In order to access the site, tickets are of course required. “These products can still be purchased online until the start of the event,” says press spokesperson Jorn Franken. Or also in the tourist information for the city of Reims. Important: there will be no box office.

The program is designed for all ages

The people in charge are happy that the weather seems to be playing along the way. Sigrid Mölleken is convinced that the program will be well received. “We have something for everyone and all ages.”

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There is a four-day program at the fairgrounds at Bergswicker Straße 26 in Rees. On Thursday, April 28, there will be a comedy with Sven Bestor from 8pm. Tickets cost 26 euros. On Friday, April 29, Wiesen-Beatz will start at 7 p.m. with famous DJs. DJ David Puentez, JC Zeller, Lost Identity, FRDY then hang up. All DJs are also known from Parookaville Festival in Weeze. Tickets: 38 euros.

Rock and Comedy on Saturday 30th April. Starting at 8 p.m., there will be a comedy with Dave Davis, followed by Steele Collins. From 7 pm and after the concert, DJ N.te. employment. Tickets: 30 euros. Family Day is then on Sunday, May 1, from 11 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. The dance groups will show off their skills, and there will also be a joint concert with Frank and his friends from 3pm. Submission is free. More information at

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