‘My culture – your culture’: a scenic collage of the small theater Heilbronn celebrates its first show at Boxx

With theatrical research on the topic of culture, the young theater troupe opens new ground with four school classes. Photo: Nicole Bohr

This is how you can imagine an entertaining evening with board games between good friends: you collect ideas for unusual tasks that need to be completed and write them down on scraps of paper. A lottery will then be drawn to decide who should take which part.

For the team at Young Theater Heilbronn, September of last year seemed like the beginning of a long-term experiment. Maultaschen cook for everyone, sit in the pedestrian zone for 30 minutes or go somewhere unfamiliar and bring something with you: these were some of the tasks that group members set for each other at the time.

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Everyone involved in the creation process participated on an equal footing

It was initially all about how to break out of your usual worlds, says Nicole Burr. “The subject of culture also means dealing with the foreigner,” explains the director of the Youth Theater, who has chosen “a very broad concept of culture” as the theme for this theatrical research project. Because it can be linked to the school curriculum. “And of course we also live in a city where the topic is very present, because different cultures live together here,” says Nicole Burr.

The new format, which runs under the name Boxx | ., has matured Labor 1, for the past few weeks and months. In addition to Boxx, directors, assistant directors, dramatists, theater educators, and students from Robert Mayer and Justinus Kerner High Schools participated in the workshops. This Thursday, the scenic collage “My Culture – Your Culture: Does That Fit Together?” Premiere at Boxx.

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How many foreign texts, how many private texts are in the piece?

“We are three different actors with three different opinions and perspectives. Of course there were disagreements, but we were able to resolve them well,” said actor Reuven Clichys, describing the open process for creating the play, which was a collaborative effort between everyone involved. The motto was to find compromises.

How many foreign texts, and how many of your own are included, for example, was a question to clarify. “If you don’t feel comfortable with a personal text, you’d prefer to use someone else’s text, because you have a kind of cloak of meaning: That’s my opinion, but I don’t stand on stage like Ruven Klischies and say, ‘How I feel,'” the Boxx representative explains.

The scenic college is located between theater and dance

In addition to the assigned tasks, reading of scientific texts on the topic and artistic performances of students from the workshops are also included. “It’s also about showing schools what theater work can look like,” says Nicole Burr, who already has an idea for an upcoming Boxx lab.

Located on the border between drama and dance, the collage also contains rhythmic elements of movement. “I think the term physical theater sums it up really well, that you have the focus on expressing yourself with your body language without it being a decidedly distinct dance,” explains the youth theater director, who also has trouble putting together individual pieces of the puzzle to form a large group.

Because everyone approached her from completely different angles, the hour-long work was very interconnecting, says Nicole Bauer. It is about similarities and differences, cliches and prejudices, conflicts and acceptance.

theater shape

The piece “My Culture – Your Culture: Do You Match Together?” It has a narrative thread. No, but the threads play a role from the start. In the fall, the Boxx team was still working with a graph on the wall. There, threads connected the various terms that associated the group with the term art. With the help of ropes, these threads of thought and links of ideas were then drawn in three dimensions into the space of the stage. “We have three different rope colors, each symbolizing one of our synthetic cultures,” says Nicole Burr.

information: Premieres at The Boxx Thursday at 11am. With Nora Rebecca Wolff, Ruven Clichys and Andreas Schlegel.

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