Listeners celebrate “Winni & Friends” for a successful concert

Kultur-Haus Zach was sold in Hückeswagen
Listeners Celebrate “Winni & Friends”

After recovering from cancer, Winfried Boldt sang with his friends again at Kultur-Haus Zach.

It was a special experience on Sunday evening, not only for the many in Kultur-Haus Zach attendees to re-enter themselves into musical culture after a long break. Authentic musician Winfried Boldt also celebrated his much-anticipated stage appearance with a real fireworks filled with energy and enthusiasm: “It’s simply wonderful to be able to stage a concert here with you as fans again after more than three years,” the 71-year-old reports. – From Hückeswagen with his Four Companions, based on Marius Müller-Westernhagen “Here in His Neighborhood”. Passionate Winni shouldn’t be blamed for changing the lyrics of his popular song “I’m Back” a bit to fit his favorite spot, Haus Zach.

The musician showed lively sympathy on stage, with whom he built a large fan base in Bergisch and abroad over many years. “Winni really wanted to present his new ‘Retrospect’ CD on February 18 here at Haus Zach,” explained Stefan Knupenberger of the sponsoring union. “But there was a corona disease among the musicians, which is why the concert had to be canceled in a short time.” The band not only eagerly awaited the alternative concert of “Winni & Friends” on Sunday evening, but also the fans. “No tickets were returned. People just wanted to see the band and hear the new tracks on CD, regardless of the date.”

For two years, Winfried Boldt worked on 18 new releases of legendary rock and pop classics along with Sabine Schmelzer Beversdorf, Shinja Schneebring, Sina Isenberg, Burkhard Weiger and Rolf Kampa. For “Winni,” the appearance of such a broad musical spectrum by all German and English-speaking interpreters as Rolling Stones, BAP, Joe Cocker, Sting, The Beatles, Eric Clapton and Marius Müller-Westernhagen has a deeply personal meaning: The doctors diagnosed me with cancer two years ago, I desperately needed to give my fans a musical legacy,” Boldt asserted. Since working together in the studio was not possible due to the conditions of the pandemic, the multi-skilled player played all the instruments himself.

The project squad didn’t have much time to rehearse. Accordingly, the performance at Kultur-Haus Zach was improvised and newly arranged. “It is precisely this interaction, these spontaneous changes in tempo and informal agreements between the musicians that make up the special character of ‘Winni & Friends’,” summed up Karl-Jürgen Höhn, one of the party-goers.

For Boldt, there are no well-established theatrical programs, rather the spontaneity and honest craftsmanship on his acoustic guitar are his trademarks. Every fiber and every fingertip seemed to radiate musical passion—with so much mastery, listeners and musicians were happy to accept one change or another in direction. And besides, many of his die-hard fans were aware of the life-threatening disease. “Indeed, we are celebrating his second birthday together here today,” Huhn summed up the family atmosphere at the all-out Haus Zach.

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