Why are people pretending to be Putin’s ad banners?

Russian propaganda is full of lies, but they are still often believed. In the Kremlin itself as well as in Germany, where “Russian performances” are annoying. This is what Vladimir Kaminer believes.

Each new crisis enriches the German language. The refugee crisis gave us Pegida, Corona gave birth to lateral thinkers, and the war in Ukraine gave birth to the “Russian Corso.” Sometimes I think they’re the same people, even if they don’t always speak the same language.

(Source: DBA/Frank May)
Vladimir Kaminer Writer and columnist. He was born in Moscow in 1967 and has lived in Germany for more than 30 years. Among his most famous booksRussian discoIn the summer of 2021 his last book was published.Ride the wave. Stories from the new Germany“.

Pro-Russian motorcades were held in several places in Germany to protest the so-called fear of Russia, in Lorach, in Hanover, near Bonn. Almost 900 cars took part in Berlin, all of them are very expensive and modern, decorated with large Russian flags. No one knows where these people came from and who organizes them and distributes flags to them.

They may have brought fabrics in the appropriate flags, but to me, there is a misconception that there are people carrying national flags the size of a tablecloth in their homes. The media attention was enormous, and many journalists went there, were insulted and spit on, and the “false press” was yelled at.

The owner of the Russian flag laughed in front of the camera: “We live in a democracy, you have to bear with us.” Doesn’t that remind you of Monday’s shows, the side-thinker meetings that will survive all the virus in the world? The media loves to create a sensation.

Thousands upon thousands of Russians here in Germany receive Ukrainian refugees, help and volunteer at train stations, donate money and collect clothes. But you can not make a fuss with these people, they are very normal. Only scattered and confusing elements guarantee high scores.

There is a wide debate, does the fear of Russia that participants in the “Russian rallies” complain about really exist? Common position firmly rejects people of another race? It already exists. Namely on Russian propaganda television, which can be received without any problems in Germany. As well as at the ambassador’s ceremony.

The Russian Embassy has created an additional page where Russian-speaking citizens can lodge a complaint. Someone wrote that he saw a caricature of Putin on the wall of a hotel and that the photo offended him greatly. One woman says she defended Putin’s war at work, referring to Russian TV news and then being verbally abused by her colleagues.

Lies Lies Lies

Another allegedly hoisted a Russian flag in his front yard, then was called a fascist by a neighbor. People who complain remain anonymous. But on this page it says that the owner of the Berlin restaurant “Pasternak” and the owner of the shop “Kashchuk” are under threat because they sympathize with Putin. I have known both owners well and for a long time.

One is Ukrainian and has been hit hard by Russia’s aggressive war on his homeland, the other has provided more aid to refugees than the entire Federal Foreign Ministry, and both wish Putin burns in hell. The staff of the Russian embassy lie while breathing and do not blush. They keep claiming that Russian culture is being wiped out.

My mother goes to the Berlin Philharmonic every week for a Russian concert, and I have the feeling that they play almost exclusively Mussorgsky, Shostakovich and Tchaikovsky. His movie “Pique Dame” just came out. The conductor is Russian, and the best pianists of my country come non-stop as a guest in the largest concert halls in the country. List of bestsellers in the whole of Russia.

The motorcade participants suffer from cognitive dissonance, from incompatible mental events caused by Russian state television propaganda. From the Russian news, they learned that the glorious Russian army would liberate the Ukrainians from the vaults where they were ostensibly held by Ukrainian nationalists and their leaders in Europe.

It’s also about the West

The Russians consider the rest of the world’s population to be fascists and at the same time want to liberate them. Who are the Russian viewers from Germany? Are they the liberators, or do those in the basement need liberation? And if so: by whom? They do not even know who they are and the Putin regime uses them as a fifth column to destabilize the enemy in the West.

The Russian president and his foreign minister have repeatedly emphasized that this war is not about Ukraine. It’s about Europe and the embarrassment of America. In this way, the people of the “Russian korso”, who no longer knew who or where they were, became the free advertising media of the Russian policy of aggression.

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