These are the highlights of ZDF Media Library in May 2022

After Disney+, Sky and Netflix, ZDF is also promoting new content in its media library. We’ve summarized the May 2022 ZDF Media Library recommendations for you.

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ZDF Media Library is thriving from Netflix of retirees to a hotspot for fans of movies and series. Above all, lovers of high-end detective stories, thrillers, documentaries and high-quality films are in good hands here. No wonder ZDF now reports its top business every month. We have handpicked special content for you and bring you the most prominent series and movies in the ZDF Media Library for the month of May 2022.

Wendehammer series from May 5, 2022
Starting Thursday, May 5th, Wendehammer will be available at ZDF Media Library. The story of friends Francesca, Mick, Samira and Nadine is told in six parts. The four have known each other since childhood and now live next door to each other in semi-detached homes. Newcomer Julia would like to be part of the group, but the four friends have a secret. Not in the basement, but in the lake, where the water level drops dangerously low. Does dehydration highlight the four women’s bodies?

The new season of Agatha Raisin from May 7
With the series Agatha Raisin, the British crime comedy will be shown on ZDF Media Library from May 7. It’s actually the fourth season in which the former PR manager is trying to be a hobby detective. She runs her dream job in the quiet town of Karsli, where really tough situations happen.

Jack Taylor season 2 from May 17
Irish crime series Jack Taylor will enter its “second” season on May 17 with three new episodes. The series is based on the novels by Ken Bruen. Jack Taylor, played by Ian Glenn, is an excellent detective, but he has a drinking problem. The series not only follows the exciting cases, but also paints a picture of Irish society.

Becoming Charlie from May 20 at ZDf Media Library
ZDFneo’s original Becoming Charlie will hit screens starting May 20. Charlie is searching for his identity, because he doesn’t feel like a man, but he also doesn’t feel like a woman. This makes him, but also his environment creates. The non-binary prisoner, who still lives with his mother in the prefab, finds relief and an outlet in rapping. But his mother is not in control of her life either. There is always a shortage of money, and regular jobs are not available. Charlie’s sister causes more stress in his life, and oftentimes Charlie asks himself where he actually belongs.

TV movie The Air to Breathe from May 21
The TV movie, The Air to Breathe, is based on a true story. The focus is on Miriam Mertens, who grew up in a carefree and carefree family as a child of a representative family. But her life is not without cares, because Miriam has cystic fibrosis and it gets worse every year. Miriam decided to live a double life. She is acting like she is healthy. But one day a light appeared on the horizon. Can the experts from Munich really help her with a new treatment method? The thriller can be viewed from May 21 at ZDF Media Library.

The Foreigner out May 23
The latest highlight from the ZDF media library in May 2022 is the thriller The Foreigner. It will be available from May 23. A Chinese restaurant owner begins his investigation into the murder of his daughter. She was killed in an assassination attempt believed to have been killed by the Irish Republican Army. Can Irish politician Liam Hennessy help him?




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