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Lewis Hamilton must go through that by now. The star who was humiliated at Imola rises to the challenge. The cynicism and contempt comes from Red Bull, and who knows if the World Cup is really over for Hamilton.

He wanted to avenge the world title that was supposedly stolen last year.

With his eighth victory, he wanted to be the only world record champion Formula 1 Michael Schumacher passed. This year he wanted to add more to his 103 wins in the motorsport class and 103 poles.

Instead of that Lewis Hamilton He was taunted and taunted by Red Bull, beaten by his new teammate, and faced the toughest test of his glorious time at Mercedes.

W13 performance capabilities remain unused

“I definitely got out of the World Cup,” Hamilton said at Imola. certainly? In any case, team boss Toto Wolff does not want to give up on the idea of ​​a World Cup. “What I love about sports is that it doesn’t always follow math.” And Hamilton’s stable rival, George Russell, who at least finished fourth in the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix, is convinced: “Lewis will come back incredibly strong. I have no doubts about that.”

If anyone has had the maturity, strength, and inner drive to get through this phase with another “horror show” (“The Sun”) at Imola, it’s definitely Hamilton. He turned 37 at the beginning of January. He was the first black man to drive in Formula 1 since 2007. He celebrated his first world title in 2008. With more intelligence and experience, he could have made his first year of debut.

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However, it was only after the switch from McLaren to Mercedes for the 2012 season that he and the Formula 1 world saw his true development. Hamilton was not the nominal heir to seven-time champion Michael Schumacher there. Hamilton won the World Cup again in 2014 and 2015, and in 2016 he was beaten in a toxic stable duel by Nico Rosberg. Hamilton drew other lessons from his neglect at the time. He also gave up his hatred for the driving test. Always true to his motto: “I keep growing” – in German: I keep growing.

Mercedes boss Wolff protects Hamilton

him too. Hamilton went on to win titles in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. He would have triumphed in 2021 if he had not given then race director Michael Massey at Red Bull’s Max Verstappen one last chance to override his decisions in the Abu Dhabi final on the last lap. “Maybe he should have stopped last year,” Helmut Marko, head of Red Bull Motorsport, proudly advised Imola of the win and grinned at the camera.

Everyone can imagine how this is received at the Mercedes warehouse. Hamilton had completely pulled out of the blow from the World Cup final for weeks. The days of Hamilton, who publicly suffered from nausea, are long gone. Even mocking rival Red Bull, who has long been inferior to Mercedes, will not kill Hamilton.

But the problem is that Hamilton is neither the cause nor the solution to the crisis. Team boss Wolff emphasized that he had to protect him there. It’s not low, it’s low performance car.

The problem is that the car bounces a lot, and as a result the setup is not optimal and the performance potential of the W13 is still untapped. “If we can reasonably put the car on the track, we’ll be ahead,” said Wolff and assured Hamilton’s direction: “The guy is the best driver in the world, he doesn’t have the machine and the equipment to show that.” Woe to him if he has it again.

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