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LONDON (AFP) – Ahead of his club’s next big trip, Eintracht Frankfurt president Peter Fischer has once again made a particularly sharp statement.

Fischer commented on the announcement by the English side with a strict crackdown on football: “It is the worst folly. I am ashamed of football because today we have already been threatened: we will send off anyone we catch who knows they are an Eintracht player.” The first leg of the Europa League between West Ham United and Hesse on April 28 (9pm / RTL) in London.

Frankfurt fans in neutral blocks? Tens of thousands of followers instead of the 3,000 followers allowed? According to the will of the hosts from the island, there shouldn’t be anything like that this time. Two weeks into an unforgettable football day in Barcelona, ​​including the win at Camp Nou, Eintracht would have liked to celebrate the upcoming mega-fest in a European city. At least in the city, Fischer still expected large crowds of fans. “It was amazing in Milan and Rome – no matter where we were. It’s normal for us now,” Fischer said at ZDF “Sportstudio”.

Advertisement “The Eagle Invasion”

The evening, which took place at the Camp Nou, where up to 30,000 fans in white shirts gathered for a glamorous football night in Frankfurt, left its mark in some places. In Eintracht, who are eager for more of these evenings in London and in the final in Seville on May 18. At West Ham, who now want to protect their Olympic stadium well from the declared “Eagle Invasion” (CEO Axel Hellmann). Also in Barcelona, ​​where coach Xavi Hernandez criticized the club for a planning error and club president Joan Laporta spoke of a “disgrace”.

This year, there are some favorable factors for such unusual actions for fans. After two years of Corona restrictions, fans were attracted not only to the stadiums, but also to the trips. Before the evening at the big club Barcelona, ​​everything came together: the club immediately announced the “Game of the Century”, fans booked their flights in every way, and the Easter holidays and Good Friday after match day did the rest. Fans flew over Morocco, booked tickets through their Spanish hotels or used American credit cards.

The zero-tolerance policy on the field

But England is not Spain (Fischer: “The Spaniards can’t count”) and West Ham is not Barcelona. For the capital club from England, the semi-final match itself is a huge game, as well as the so-called “zero tolerance policy” on the field. Concretely, this means that Frankfurt fans are only allowed in the guest building.

If you identify yourself as an Eintracht fan in other blocks or VIP chests, you are threatened with direct expulsion. That’s what happened to the club three years ago at Chelsea, said President Fischer. For him, this procedure is forbidden. So the official described the anger of fans at English football clubs: They should “play their international matches between Alaska and the North Sea,” he whispered to the environment.

Already saved for Seville

Fan expert Martin Endemann of Football Supporters Europe also assumes that the number of fans who planned for approximately 3,000 people will arrive at the stadium. “The number of ticket holders who want to take advantage of the tickets themselves will be huge,” Andemann of dpa said. “So the chances for Eintracht fans can be controlled to some extent.”

However, the expert believes that fans can realistically assess their chances. “It will not be comparable to Barcelona,” Andemann said. “Now a lot of people are speculating about saving money for Seville.” There could be a German final against RB Leipzig in May.

On June 7, it could be different: thousands of English fans want to go to Munich to watch the “Three Lions” play in the Nations League. According to reports, fans are already stockpiling many tickets for some blocks, using similar tricks as Eintracht fans in Barcelona. The German Football Association only said: “For security reasons, there is a Qatari ban in the UK. Not all UK-based customers can buy tickets from the online store.”

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