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If the new film law is passed, the Swiss film industry will receive a lot of money and new interest from streaming providers like Netflix. It sees itself in an international religion. If she says no, she will have to say goodbye to the map of world viewing habits.

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During my childhood and youth I learned more about America and its history than any other country. About the life of a farmer’s family on Our Small Farm. About farm life in Bonanza. About the life of the oil dynasty in Dallas. And about Winito. Although it was a German invention. But America, by its very nature as a fighter, has defined the bulk of my television view.

The smaller part was German. German television, with its iron post-war style, loved the disabled and the needy. The Germans were teased in thrillers, doctors performed surgeries and were rewarded with the opportunity to relax on cruises. Hardly any imagination came out of Switzerland. Switzerland has provided us with information, not insights.

For 210 episodes, God-fearing Ingalls stole the hearts of TV viewers in

For 210 episodes, the God-fearing Ingalls stole the hearts of TV viewers on “Our Little Farm” from 1974.Photo: IMAGO / Ronald Grant

Today the world is exploding in our living rooms and that’s a good thing. Thanks to the “Squid Game”, many have dealt with the economic situation in South Korea for the first time. Suddenly a string of Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Turkey, Spain, Italy and France became the focus of our viewing habits. Or the stupid Polish Fifty Shades “365 days” tradition, of course too. Netflix is ​​shooting “Emilie in Paris” in Paris with a large French participation. Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Sky are greatly promoting Germany as a location for series and movies. But with Studio Babelsberg, she also has something like European Hollywood at her disposal.

And Switzerland? What does she have to offer? Individual talent is in demand internationally. A director like Lisa Proelman, who, with her feature film “Blue My Mind” as her visiting card, easily made her way into the American soap opera machine and was already nominated for an Emmy. Actress Luna Wedler, who – also thanks to Blue My Mind – has become a superstar in Germany. Ella Rampf, who started with a small role in “The Caliphate”. Carla Gorey, who works with directors such as Denis Villeneuve and Peter Greenaway. Or Bond director Mark Forster, who is currently working on several films with stars such as Tom Hanks, Gillian Anderson, Helen Mirren and Ewan McGregor in Hollywood. We are good at exporting. by professionals. Not the products.

Luna Wedler (here on Blue My Mind) has landed lead role after leading role in Germany, including in the Netflix series

Luna Wedler (here on Blue My Mind) has landed a lead role after leading role in Germany, including in the Netflix series “Biohackers”.Photo: Frenetic

And what about Switzerland as a location for major global production? My little heart. Either something happens in Zurich like the beginning of “The Bourne Identity”, but it has to be filmed in Prague because Zurich is so expensive. Or we’ve been living off the fact that James Bond crashed Schilthorn at On Her Majesty’s Secret Service for decades. Understandably, Berne Train Station did not make it a favorite tourist destination despite a scene on the “Night Train to Lisbon”. Somehow no synergy with the local film industry has arisen from the shooting of various Bollywood films.

Sustainable Film Background: The Schilthorn's Piz Gloria Revolving Restaurant has been completed by the team behind

The sustainable movie backdrop: The Schilthorn revolving restaurant, Piz Gloria, was completed by the team behind On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.Photo: IMAGO / Travel Stock Image

That would be exactly the goal: to connect Switzerland to the world in a self-confident manner. To locate them on the streaming world map for the big players just like the relatively small Denmark. It’s not about Switzerland promoting the local movie industry for locals thanks to Netflix fees, which have long been institutionalized in other countries. That would be boring. The Swiss movie scene is rarely so exciting.

At this point, we also have to make it clear: There is nothing so critically viewed as local. And what we get from other countries on Netflix and elsewhere is just a small, sweet part of the movie industry there.

star vehicle

“Finding Neverland” star vehicle with Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet. Director: Forster. Mark Forster.Photo: IMAGO / United Archives

It is not about making the world of live broadcasting Swiss, but about securing the connection for the production of Swiss films and series so that it also becomes a player. The Netflix clip will automatically increase the interest, curiosity and expectations of Switzerland in Netflix. The domestic film industry will be in delivery commitment.

Wouldn’t it be great if Switzerland could engage in the globalized broadcasting culture of the future? If it is more attractive to foreign producers? If a Swiss, Icelandic, and Finnish screenwriter find each other in the writers room for the next icy Valais? What if “Dorothy in Geneva” or “Lily in Gstaad” existed with an internationally mixed cast? If a new version of ‘Succession’ appears with the fictional Blücher clan? And if people like Mark Forster and Lisa Proelman would like to film something at home again, perhaps even with a few Hollywood stars they picked up on the road during their travel years? And maybe Swiss Babelsberg could be built instead of the next Google District?

Ella Rumpf is already on Netflix: in the Austrian series

Ella Rumpf is already on Netflix: in the Austrian series “Freud”.Photo: netflix

It is not inconceivable that a series like “Scandi Noir” came from Denmark years ago from Switzerland. Or that one day, a kid in Thailand or Scotland thinks he knows as much about Switzerland as I did when I was a kid about America. And not just because of Heidi.

But that’s why Switzerland needs development aid more than any other region. Otherwise it disappears to banality. At that Netflix orcus, a few Swiss productions grumbled as an excuse, but were ignored by the recommendation algorithm. This is of no use to anyone.

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