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Blue and yellow dominate Thomas Schulte’s corner room. The colors of the Ukrainian flag can be seen from a distance, a complex flash of color up close. Jonas Weichsel wants to confront the tragedy with visual means and collect donations to help refugees.

“The corner room of the Thomas Schulte Gallery, where my exhibition “Interstellar” is currently on display, provides thousands of people with an open view of art day and night. Hanging my three blue and yellow pictures of Ukraine in the window was the most direct way for me to respond,” says the artist. Proceeds from the sale (17,000 euros each) go to Be an Angel, an initiative dedicated to the integration of refugees.

Auction in Grisebach and art in Thomas Schulte

The Grisebach auction house also responded to Putin’s invasion for this Berlin NGO. Managing Director Diandra Doneker and Juliet Koth of the Burruss Foundation have started an online auction in which 33 artists – including Gregor Hildebrandt, Anne Imhoff, Elijah Coady and Carsten Nikolai – have donated their works.

“In light of the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, we would like to make a contribution through our network in art and culture to help organizations rescue and care for refugees,” the organizers said. Artists of Ukraine, 100 percent of which will be donated, from 1-10 April at Works can also be viewed on Fasanenstraße 27 at the same time.

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Cornelia Schmidmayer and Ivana Bogdanova-Bertrand not only want to build a bridge between Western and Eastern Europe with the Art East Berlin-Kyiv Gallery, located in Berlin-Friedenau, but also as the Peace for Art Foundation spoke, we knew we had to say Schmidmayer, who She lived in Ukraine for four years and met her show partner there.

Fifth Street by Tamina Amadyars is part of the online Grisebach Auction for Ukraine.Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Through their extensive network, the German-French-Ukrainian duo wants to support artists in and from Ukraine financially and through projects, but also make their expertise available to institutions. “At the moment, humanitarian aid is in the foreground, but we also have to think about preserving Ukrainian culture,” Schmiedmayr says. “When museums are burning, we have to act. This is existential not only for Ukraine, but also for Europe.”

With relief supplies to the Polish border

“Berlin and Kiev are young cities with well-connected club cultures. Nils Petersen of Galerie Dittrich & Schlechtriem, who organized a special appeal for donations against feelings of powerlessness, followed by 60 cultural workers. The gallery released its staff and a total of €24,000 in money, medicine and in-kind donations was raised, says Nils Petersen of Galerie Dittrich & Schlechtriem, In the second weekend in March, 12 people went to the border with Poland, to the train station in Warsaw and to a collection point that drove relief supplies in Lublin. “We focused on people of color. To the people who are now being racist, as well as their second or third escape from a war zone.”

Ukrainian Builders – Volker Diehl

Gallery owner Volker Dale, who had returned from Moscow the day before the outbreak of the war, rearranged and envisioned the works of five Ukrainian constructive artists, who had been on camp from past and planned exhibitions, in an impressively quiet show. These wonderful canvases include “The Ohr Elyon / The Massach” by Konstantin Rodichko and Padre Gobyanuri, about three meters high, “Work from Candlesticks” made from the remains of sacrificial candles from Orthodox churches.

In the grazing light, the waxy surface unfolds a shimmering golden luster reminiscent of icons. Prices range between 1,800 and 25,000 euros, and a third of sales are donated to charitable organizations. “The surface is the point where the body intersects with space,” Tiberi Zelvashi wrote in his volume of essays “Rembrandt Zoom” (ciconia ciconia Verlag Berlin, €25), which is well worth reading. Recently, the Dean of Ukrainian Contemporary Abstraction posted on Facebook: “The 28th day of the war. Sunny. The temperature is above zero. Live.”

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