Tunesforest: Helping sports clubs integrate

Six sports clubs have responded to a call from the sports federation of the city of Tönesforst and have unofficially offered to integrate refugees from Ukraine. The former has already found a new community. About the power conduction of sports.

About 200 refugees from Ukraine are now housed in Tönisvorst. The majority are in the private sector, about 50 also in municipal housing. But the bed is not enough, for these people, mostly women and children, it is also about forgetting the terrible events of the war and mentally reaching the lower Rhine.

The city has this Tunisiaforest Various shows are created, youth centers and churches also organize meetings. But seven years ago, when many people fled Syria for Germany, it became clear that sport and its clubs in particular could be an interconnected element and a key to integrating across all language barriers.

The city sports association in Tönesforest remembered this as well and contacted several clubs from the city area to ask if they would be willing to accept refugees without application and membership fees and, if necessary, to provide them with equipment. This is what the secretary says Gudrun Knittel, who also heads the Freischütz-Tell Shooting Friends, where a young Ukrainian mother has already registered for shooting. Five other sports clubs followed the call.

There is, for example, the badminton club Tönisvorst, where an eight-year-old girl will come to practice next week. The Tönisvorst Gymnastics Club offers both gymnastics and handball, as well as the St. In the past few weeks, a few children found their way to the club, some took part in a handball camp before Easter, and this week relatives and host families registered dozens of other children, mostly for gymnastics. “Actually, our sports lessons are more than complete, but a few of them on the table will also get boring,” says the chairman. Christian Holsmann. The newcomers were accepted by others in the groups naturally, “Integration does not go through the coaches, it happens completely automatically, children and young adults are more open than adults, and Ukrainian children deal with it proactively,” says Hülsemann. The coaches said some of them were of course a bit off the track, and in shock, but he firmly believes the sport can help release that stress. And gymnastics and Le Parkour – you can do it barefoot if necessary.

Sports clubs likely to merge soon Teutonia St. Toni and the st.tunis gaming club Football is progressing and it is very popular in Ukraine as well. Both clubs form a youth squad of more than 20 teams for two years. Half a dozen Ukrainian boys between the ages of 7 and 11 are now included in the E and F youth teams. “They are an integral part of the teams,” says Youth Sports Director of Satellite, Ralph Horster“There are talented and non-talented, but it doesn’t matter at all. They should kick the ball and have fun.” Despite having a whole team, officials and coaches did not hesitate for a second to “integrate the children who went through so much suffering,” says Horster.

A short formal method in the game process

Although there are no licenses, you can usually participate in official matches, this is done through agreements with rival coaches. Horster says he is especially touched when mothers and siblings stand at the edge of the field and chant “Dawai, Dawai” to their young children. On that day, says the sports director, he got chills. Danilo from Kyiv – “Little is really good” (Horster) – was able to make his way to the first youth F team straight away. At one match, his mother and sister hooked up his soccer coach from home via a video call, so to speak, straight to the game. The man was dressed as a soldier and holding a rifle, but at that moment nothing was more important to him than proudly encouraging little Danilo. In addition to Danylo, Gleb and Yaroslav also made it to the first e-Youth team.

Socks, shoes and shirts that are already provided by the club. But the parents of fellow players jumped at the breach. What helped with the understanding, Horster says, is that one of the youth coaches already speaks Russian, but only a few German words are needed to play, the rules of the game are the same all over the world, and community togetherness comes naturally. . Sports is a way for these kids to feel a sense of belonging again, to find friends and to find something like a new home in Tonesforest.

Information: contacts with the six sports clubs

DJK-Teutonia Tönis: info @ djk teut onia. de; SV St. Tunis: Helmut. Tho mmen sen @ web. de; Badminton Club Tönisvorst, Johann Moerschen: 0152 06142300; Forrest Gymnastics Club: Roland. beu rske ns @ web. de; Turnerschaft St. Tönis: 02151 171861, c. hue lse mann @ turn ners schaf t186 1. de; Shooting Friends- Freischütz-Tell: 2nd President ende r@sft1926. de.

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