Pokémon Go: Open and get gifts – these items are in it

Who does not like to have gifts? What is true in real life is also true pokemon gobecause they are not just there for fun, they are a real little gift with more or less useful things inside!

In addition to such items as resuscitation, you will find only 7 kilometers of eggs in it. It was only entered in the game with the gift function and is special because it only activates regional forms for individual Pokémon’s door. As you can see: Unobvious donations are much more than a tiny feature, they are absolutely necessary.

In this guide you will learn everything there is to know Gifts in Pokemon Go to know. Also, since chests are closely related to the new Friends feature, we encourage you to read our article about Friends in Pokemon Go as well, so you can get as many gifts as possible.

Here’s what you should know about gifts in Pokémon Go:

Delete, send, and open gifts in Pokémon Go – this is how it works

Who doesn’t love gifts in Pokémon Go?

Gifts are very special items and you can only unlock them if you get them from a friend. Of course, you can also find packages yourself (just don’t open them in this case) – randomly by flipping photo discs from Pokéstops and Arenas. Of course, there is no guaranteed chance of discovery; Much like in Pokémon Go, this one also depends on luck. So you may have to search for a few Pokéstops before you find a chest that you can then pass on to a friend.

Note, however, that you are up to date 20 gifts max You can carry with you once. Originally there were only five people, but after the community loudly expressed their dissatisfaction with the very low limit, developer Niantic quickly improved. In the context of the Corona pandemic, this has become Limit Another increase. However, if your backpack is full, you cannot take any more. So you have to make room first, which is unfortunately easier said than done. It is simply not possible delete gifts. Instead, you have to send it to friends because, as mentioned earlier, you cannot unlock gifts that you find yourself. However, you can only send one gift per friend per day.

How to send a gift in Pokemon Go

As soon as you befriend a friend in the game, you summon his entry in the friend list. There you will see the option to send gifts at the bottom left of the screen. Unlike trading Pokémon, you don’t have to be close to your friend to give them attention. Your friend will then receive a notification and can pick up the cute gesture and unlock it at any time.

If you can’t send a box (the send option is inactive), then either your friend hasn’t opened their last gift yet, or you sent it that day.

This is how you open gifts

Gift shredding is largely self-explanatory. You will receive an automatic notification from the game at the top of the screen as soon as the package arrives. Look for the red button above the coach notification.

After that, go to your friends list, where you will be immediately notified that a package is already waiting for you. Now all you have to do is select it and open it without further ado. easy right? The interesting question now is: What do you expect in it?

Present gift opening limit located at 30 pieces per day.

What gifts do you sponsor?

There is also an in-game opportunity to receive sponsored gifts. You do not send it to friends, you can open it yourself. However, in Germany this possibility has been used with little difficulty so far, so sponsored gifts are a rather rare sight.

You also have the option to opt out of these free offers by selecting “Watch promotional gifts“Enabled or disabled. This has no effect on normal gifts. Coaches with a child account generally do not receive sponsored gifts.

Pokémon Go: This content and items can be found in gifts

Gifts can hold a variety of surprises for you, many of which are far more valuable than items you usually get at Pokéstops. You can dump the following items, among others:

  • Pokeballs
  • super balls
  • exaggeration
  • potions
  • Ultra Doses
  • highest potions
  • tonic
  • top tonic
  • pineapple berries
  • raspberry
  • Development stones such as King Stone and Sun Stone
  • stardust
  • attachments

If you’re particularly lucky, you may be able to wait 7 kilo eggs On you, from which rare Pokémon forms (Alola or Galar, for example) can hatch. So make sure you have at least one egg in your inventory before opening the gift.

Who doesn’t love gifts in Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go Gifts: What else you need to know

Here are some tips and other details you should know:

  • Gifts are a great way to show your Friends level up. So always send as many as possible.
  • You can unlock a maximum of 30 gifts per day.
  • You can gifts exclusive They are received from friends and do not buy from the store or receive them in any other way.
  • If your friend opens his gift, you will receive a notification. From this you can tell which items he can look forward to.
  • You don’t necessarily have to open the received gift to be able to send it yourself (for example, because you’re still waiting for an empty egg slot in your inventory).
  • Each gift arrives with a postcard from the Pokéstop where it was found. Unfortunately, it is not possible (yet?) to collect these cards.

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