Munich: cultural and entertainment tips from cabaret artist Martin Frank – Munich

In the barn with his livestock, he often gets ideas for his programs. Through a chore like milking cows, he can close his head and think of new texts he’s always writing himself. Trained recorder, almost opera singer, trained actor and cabaret artist is on stage at Circus Crone this week with his third solo program One for All – All for Nothing. In October, he ran the Bavaria Cabaret Prize.

Monday: Pool Cooking Ideas

Martin Frank loves to run in Nordbad and meets the older ladies at the pool to exchange recipes.

(Photo: Stefan Rampf)

Similar to the Reverend, I have “free time” on Mondays. On a day like this, I usually take care of my unloved paperwork. It is inconceivable that I completed my professional training many years ago as a management clerk and additional training as a registrar. Then I go swimming. I would like to tell you now that I go to beautiful Müller’sche Volksbad and skilfully swim lengths of Art Nouveau in a pair of Vilebrequin swim trunks at a cost of 800 euros. But this is not the case. I live in Maxvorstadt and that’s why I usually swim in shorts which cost €40 in the Nordbad region. Because of my working hours, I tend to communicate more with pensioners.

We are a wonderful group of three older ladies and me. We swim three lanes, then aqua aerobics and finally we go out slow with pasta while we share recipes. In the evening I visit my old school of acting, Zarboni. “To be or not to be” play by Nick Whitby is shown in the indoor “Zentraltheater”. 1942 comedy-drama film.

Tuesday: Ice cream after voice training

Celebrity tips for Munich and Bavaria: For a cabaret artist, ice is not just ice.  This is his favorite ice cream shop

For a cabaret artist, ice is not just ice. His favorite ice cream parlor is Palapini, which makes not Italian gelato but ice cream – there is a difference.

(Photo: Stefan Rampf)

Even after completing my acting training, I regularly train my voice with my voice coach. Since Corona, we have moved our pronunciation training abroad to Hofgarten. Should you walk around it on a Tuesday and watch two men who look like father and son, shouting over the trees with the vocal string: “tlo, tlu, tla, tle, …” or try to do it by loudly flapping their lips and extending their index finger to build an imaginary pile of leaves – Don’t worry, it’s all true.

Next I treat myself to ice cream at my favorite ice cream parlour, ‘Balappeni’. Since I once completed a course of gelato myself during Corona out of existential fear, I have to make a quick fuss and tell you this is not Italian gelato, but ice cream. The difference is the higher the fat content. Then I have to go to the airport. I’m doing a warm-up for an Austrian colleague in Graz.

Wednesday: Who laughs first?

Celebrity tips for Munich and Bavaria: Frank has the book with cabaret artist Franziska Wanninger

Together with cabaret artist Franziska Wanninger, Frank wrote the book “Der famose” Freistaat.

(Photo: Hartmut Postges)

I am using the return train trip to Munich to work on my program. Of course, no two evenings are the same and every county has a different sense of humor. We from Lower Bavaria, for example, laugh, but in a way that you don’t hear. Austria is also very interesting. My first show was in Vienna and the series of events was called: “Vienna Laughs!” – The only question was: When? But today I am going to the beautiful Kurhaus in Bad Tolz. But before that, I will visit my colleague Franziska Wanninger, with whom I wrote Der famose Freistaat. Actually a Bavarian guide to ‘Pressn’, but we also learned a lot while writing it. Did you know that Munich was so devastated after World War II that there were plans to rebuild the city on Lake Starnberg? After that we go to a little place called Manam for Thai food. In my opinion, this is the best pad thai dish in town.

Thursday: Strange call

Zoom meeting in the morning. I had high hopes that these online meetings would go down again. I can’t and don’t want to get used to communicating with people on screen. I’m usually good at judging people, but with a camera I can’t do that anymore. If I was at home in the Bavarian Forest, I could justify a bad internet connection and skipping the meeting. But I am in Munich. Indeed, the reason for the meeting is good: it is a great honor for me to be able to administer the Bavaria Cabaret Prize at the Lustspielhaus this year. In general, I would recommend to you the stages of the cabaret Munich. Most of them managed to get through this epidemic with difficulty and again gained viewers. Dare and forget this crazy world for two hours.

Friday: Arias at the Pedestrian Center

Today it’s time to train my voice again. Don’t shout at the trees in the courtyard garden, but rehearse the songs of Schubert on Sendlinger Strasse. I’ve been taking private singing lessons once a week since I was 15. I had a naive dream of becoming an opera singer, but I could not assert myself against the great competition in the entrance exams. Now the cabaret audience has to put up with my tunes. In addition to talent, of course, I also lack the talented name of a big opera stage. Do you know this task from German lessons, where you have to cross out inappropriate words in a series of words? Example: Pavarotti, Villazon, Netrebco, Frank. If you want to leave the sofa at home tonight, I have something for you. “The Misanthrope” takes place at the Volkstheater, and first shows are always great if you don’t have to be on stage yourself!

Saturday: Dessert Before Solo

Celebrity tips for Munich and Bavaria: to calm down before a big performance, he needs a lot of sweets, for example lard pasta at the Viktualienmarkt.

To cool off before big shows, he needs a lot of sweets, for example lard pasta at the Viktualienmarkt.

(Photo: Stefan Rampf)

Today is a big dream come true for me. I’m allowed to play my solo show on Circus Krone for the first time, and the show has also run out. I can’t tell you anything exciting about that day, because I can do nothing but grab a donut, Auszog’ne and Rohrnudel at Schmalznudel in the Viktualienmarkt to calm myself down. In case you were wondering who is going to eat all of this? Yes of course I am!

Sunday: at home in the woods

Celebrity Tips for Munich and Bavaria: In the Bavarian Forest, he recommends a hike to Falkenstein Castle, which serves good regional cuisine.

In the Bavarian Forest, he recommends a hike to Falkenstein Castle, which serves good regional cuisine.

(Photo: Martin Siebmann/Mauritius Images)

Today I will take it easy and go home to the farm in Lower Bavaria. As much as I love Munich, I desperately need that balance. In the “artist bubble” in which I inevitably move, there are currently difficult issues such as political correctness, racism, and gender issues around the clock. At home on the farm, there are only two important issues: What will the weather be like? And what for lunch today? You can’t even imagine how good this is. Plus, handling our cows relaxes me. If I arrive with my big city rush and try milk, I’ll take a painful kick the next moment. If you are also looking for inner peace, I recommend a hike here in the Bavarian Forest. The great Falkenstein offers good mountain food.

Martin Frank She was born in 1992 in Hutthurm near Passau. He grew up on his parents’ farm and completed his training as a recorder. At the age of 21 he quit and initially wanted to become an opera singer, but failed the exam at the Mozarteum in Salzburg. However, he was drawn to the stage, and so he auditioned at the Zerboni acting school in Munich and, despite his formidable speech (dialect) disability, was accepted into acting training for three years. In 2015, his first solo program was launched in a nightclub. In 2018, in addition to the second solo program, it was followed by the Bavarian Cabaret Award. Since then he has sung on stage throughout Bavaria and sometimes beyond the borders of the free state and wrote the book “Der famose Freistaat” with his colleague Franziska Wanninger.

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