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After Tyson Fury reconfirmed his retirement, he performed to 94,000 fans at Wembley Stadium for the last time.

“I have a thing for you,” the star, also undefeated in his 33rd fight, whispered on a London night and started on his evergreen “American Pie.” If Fury sticks to his word, not only will boxing lose one of the greatest weightlifters in history, you will also lose a one-time artist.

Fury: “I achieved what I wanted to achieve”

And as Fury said emphatically on that cold spring evening after completing his duty against the desperate Dillian White, there really can be no turning back. “I achieved everything I wanted to achieve,” the 33-year-old asserted. “I’m quitting as the second undefeated heavyweight after Rocky Marciano. I was undefeated in that match.”

White felt this too, noting unclean boxing in somewhat unsurprising rounds. In the sixth round, the Briton’s native Fury was ready for a knockout – and missed it in impressive fashion. A brutal right-handed bolt by Fury hit the target and Whyte just fell. The challenger got up briefly, but when he just staggered across the ring, the referee saw enough and was cut off.

No shame. He fought the best in the world, said Fury, barely distinguished by the fight. This knockout was a worthy end to the career of the “Gypsy King”, who can boast of one of the finest boxing biographies. After beating Wladimir Klitschko, the man from Manchester was a world champion among the Big Four in 2015. A brutal crash with positive doping tests, drug addiction, manic depression and suicidal thoughts followed. But Fury is back – and once again world champion.

Return to fight monotheism against Joshua?

Now, as such, it’s supposed to be gone forever. This was confirmed by his wife Paris on Sunday night. “He has nothing left to prove. If there’s anything else, I’ll say do it, Tyson. But there’s nothing left,” said Mrs. Fury’s Heart and then opened a small door. “I think the only reason to come back would be the unification struggle.”

It may also depend on the discount. Fury holds the WBC, Oleksandr Ussyk, WBA, WBO and IBF belts. First, Ussyk will go into a rematch against ousted champion Anthony Joshua. If Joshua wins, Fury can re-enter the ring. After all, both camps agreed before Joshua’s apparent defeat to Usek and Fury sees good chances to beat his compatriot.

Things are different with OSIC. The Ukrainian is very dangerous and can do exactly what all Fury opponents failed to do. It goes to the body in quick sets and then retracts unharmed. Against Ussyk, Fury would risk losing his status as indomitable. Why does he do that? Money will definitely not be the reason. “I have more money than I can spend in a million times.” (dpa)

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