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SC Freiburg is facing the most successful year in its history. The team takes a place in the European Cup in the German Bundesliga and travels to Berlin for the DFB Cup Final. SWR Sport spoke to sporting director Jochen Sayer about emotions and goals.

Last Tuesday night, right after the match ended. The famous Hamburger Square is in the hands of Freiburg. Goosebumps mood: here the profuse cheering of the players in front of the bulging curve of the fans, there in front of the hideout of Yushin Sayer’s sports fist. The reserved SC Freiburg sporting director instead lets all the emotion out of himself this time around, first hugging coach Christian Streiche and sporting director Clemens Hartenbach, before lunging down the curve and embracing all the players who get in his way.

Jochen Sayer: “A special moment, a special evening”

All that came from Freiburg celebrated their 3-1 victory over HSV and entry to the DFB Cup Final in Berlin in an incredibly impressive fashion. For the first time in the club’s history, Freiburg qualified for the final: “It was a special moment, a special evening,” said Jochen Sayer in an interview with SWR Sport. “All the tension is gone. Of course we also celebrated after that in the hotel, but everything is in a healthy dose. After all, in addition to the extraordinary success in the cup, we still have tasks in the Bundesliga.”

Trophy success at HSV as a birthday gift for 44th.

For the Director of Sports of the Supreme Committee, the success of the cup in Hamburg was also the best personal gift. Because the next day, Jochen Sayer turned 44: “There were congratulations on your birthday and on reaching the cup final. In doubles and in the combine it was more than usual,” Sayer said of the celebrations in Hamburg.

In the days that followed, SC Freiburg received a lot of recognition nationwide that week, and congratulations from all sides to the beloved club came from Breisgau: “It’s something very special for the city and the club,” said Jochen Sayer. “Reaching to the Cup Final was a unique experience and a unique success. In a wonderful place in this great city,” says Sayer with a smile. “And then, to be honest, I stayed there for two days.”

Jochen Sayer has been with SC Freiburg for 20 years

Jochen Sayer has achieved more than his success and has worked with him over a long period of time. Sayer has been working full time at SC Freiburg for exactly 20 years. In 2003, the coached sports economist became the youth coordinator and head of the famous football school in Freiburg. In 2013, he was promoted to the position of acting sports director, and a year later a citizen of Harar was promoted to the board of directors of the sports club.

Sayer Youth Promoter and Freiburg Football School

Since then, many young Freiburg players have joined the Bundesliga team: Oliver Baumann, “Chico” Hoefler, Jonathan Schmid, Matthias Ginter, Christian Günther, Alexander Schulau and Nico Schlutterbeek, to name a few more famous, some of whom have even become the National Players . And the young source from Breisgau keeps popping up: Recently, Kevin Schade, Kiliann Sildillia, Yannik Keitel, Noah Weißhaupt and Nishan Burkart breathed the air of the Bundesliga, these guys stand up for the next generation of football school in Freiburg.

Freiburg continuity

Together with Christian Streiche and Clemens Hartenbach, Jochen Sayer is considered one of the pillars of the rapid sporting development in recent years and the promotion of youth at the foot of the Black Forest. A trio that represents continuity and longevity in Breisgau, giving the players in Freiburg a very cool atmosphere. Even if they are relegated to the second division, as happened in 2015, the sports club does not allow itself to fall into the wrong path with hasty decisions.

Jochen Sayer: ‘An exceptional year’

Now, in 2022, SC Freiburg and with it sporting director Jochen Sayer have reached their current sporting pinnacle. Participation in the Champions League is a realistic goal, and participation in the DFB Cup Final on May 21 in Berlin will be an emotional culmination of Freiburg’s unique football culture. It doesn’t matter how it turns out. “This is an unusual year for us,” Yoshin Sayer is happy with the current successes, but warns against exaggerated expectations when it comes to the future: “Next season everything will reset and we will have to work hard for everything again.”

Freiburg and the dream of Europe

But before that, Freiburg residents wanted to buy a ticket for the flight to Europe for the next four weeks – via the Bundesliga or the DFB Cup: “Now we’re clinging and biting ourselves there for a long time,” says Jochen Sayer, “and ideally, let’s confirm it now and make Our dream came true.”

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