GGS Vorst kids have earned 172 sports badges and won the Challenge Cup

Forest Elementary Community School Challenge Cup
Primary school students are athletes

The community primary school in Vorst is the leader in Viersen: 172 children have been awarded the sports badge there. There was now the Virsen Athletic District Challenge Cup.

Julie kisses the sunlit chalice from Angelica Feller’s hands in the schoolyard of the Municipal Primary School (GGS) in Forrest. Everyone applauds when a Class 2a representative holds him on behalf of the whole school. “I am happy that I can present this trophy here in my hometown today and that many of the children of this school have been awarded the sports badge. I hope the school will continue to sport,” said KSB President Vorst upon the delivery. The importance of GGS Vorst Sport is evident. When you look across the schoolyard there is no shortage of sports here 172 kids tested their sports skills and earned the badge last year But now there was the KSB Viersen Challenge Cup.

A total of nine elementary schools participated in the Badge School Sports Competition. At Vorst Elementary School, most children in the entire district earned the badge. “All 254 students participated. But since swimming is a requirement for the badge, not everyone gets it. Younger students in particular fail to do so, so eventually 172 children were awarded the badge,” says School Principal Shala Marandi. Jansen.

The headmistress is particularly pleased that GGS Vorst is ahead this time. There was already number two many times. The procedure has been slightly changed by the KSB. He added, “In 2020 we had to suspend competition due to Corona. When we started again last year, much fewer schools participated. For this reason, we did not use the increase in sports badges as a basis, as we usually do, but the total number of sports badges obtained.” , says Fabian Booth of the County Athletic Association.

In addition to the swimming requirement, participating elementary school students must complete one exercise for each of the four areas of strength, endurance, speed, and coordination. At least 1 point must be earned for the badge in each of the categories. With four points there is a bronze. Those who achieve four to ten points can look forward to the silver sports badge, and from eleven points it becomes the gold variant. “At the GGS Vorst, there were 74 gold, 68 silver and 30 bronze awards,” says Klaus Ritzler. The former teacher accepts not only the sports badge, but also volunteers in physical education classes at GGS Vorst. “This support is just great. It allows us to provide more sporting opportunities for children,” says Julia Kogg, who is not only the class teacher at 2A, but also the elementary school sports coordinator.

“Sports is fun. I think track racing is the best,” says Paula. Emma loves hip-hop, Mia loves soccer, and Sibel loves jump rope. “I love sports and I’m proud of my gold badge,” says Jim. The seven-year-old enjoyed Running the badge sports the most.Other disciplines included volleyball, looping, running and long jump.

“We have our own career path and jump pit at our school,” Marandi Jansen explains. Sports are important in elementary school. A double hour and an extra hour of exercise time are part of the weekly schedule. There are two school play areas with many age-appropriate offerings of climbing, balancing, gymnastics and sliding. There is also play equipment that can be borrowed during breaks. In addition, the new sports park can be used in the adjacent entertainment center “Wohnzimmer”. This year, the elementary school is planning another major sports festival at the Forest Sports Facility. “The last one was in 2018. It was a hot summer and Corona intertwined them,” says Ritzler.

The newly acquired trophy is now on its way through all primary school classes. After all, all the students contributed to the school’s victory. Each class may keep it for a period of time. Then the award will have a place of honor in the display case. One thing you definitely want to try is to win the School Cup again this year.

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