football | German Bundesliga: “Bad news about the Bundesliga” – international press reports

Status: 04/24/2022 10:30 AM

After the 10th title in a row, the international media are bowing to Bayern Munich. The dominance of the series’ hero, which is unprecedented in Europe, is also viewed with concern.


Gazzetta dello sport“:” There is only Bavaria. A Nagelsmann fan holds the European record. The 10th consecutive German Bundesliga title, it’s the first time in the top 5 leagues in Europe. (…) Bayern Munich fan Julian Nagelsmann tasted the sweet taste of success for the first time and became a German champion for the first time at an age when one usually ends an active career or coaches children.”

Corriere dello SportBayern in the Bundesliga! Dortmund Co, title 32. Bayern are ruthless and win the 10th title in a row.

“Good for Bayern, bad news for the Bundesliga”


Marker“:” In the end it came the way it had to come. Bavaria champion. Ten consecutive years. Good for Bayern, but bad news for the Bundesliga, which seems self-evident from the start. Since the start of the Bundesliga, Bayern Munich has won 31 titles, all other teams together 28. May beer flow.


to liberate“:” Bavarian contract. After the 10th championship in a row, Bayern Munich would like above all to be able to compete at the highest European level again after two frustrating years. (…]In the crowded Allianz Arena, Julian Nagelsmann players did not want to miss the opportunity in front of their fans and against the most dangerous opponent of recent years. ”


the sun“:” Dominance contract. Bayern Munich snatched their 10th consecutive Bundesliga title in style in a massive victory over Borussia Dortmund in The Classic.”

United States of America:

New York times‘: FC Bayern’s dominance has been sold by German football powerhouses and by Bundesliga officials as a positioning advantage for years. Bayern’s management philosophy, according to the letter, is the best advertisement for German football as it lights up the rest of the Bundesliga… with Its financial advantage, Bayern also lives in a different world from the supposed league competitions. There are some in Germany who see this situation as dangerous and fundamentally threatening the level of opportunity in the Bundesliga.”

ESPN: “On the field, Bayern Munich needs significantly better leadership in the long-term. They have talented defenders, but they lack a character with a natural authority in defence. This also applies off the field. Sometimes Nagelsmann was the only one who acted as a statesman/speaker/ The diplomat had to cover all sorts of issues while Khan and Salihamidzic were silent in comparison to former president Uli Hoeness, who is unpopular everywhere outside the Bayern ambassador, had a way of using his huge status to put pressure on himself.”


“Opinion“:” Celebrate Munich! Because Dortmund lost the “first game” 1:3, Bayern have 12 points (!) to go three rounds before the end. When Bayern didn’t win the championship for the last time, Barack Obama was still US President, the European Union won the Nobel Peace Prize, and Roger Federer won the Olympic silver medal in London. Ten years have passed since then. The world is different now. Not the Bundesliga. Bayern is the undisputed number one there.”


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