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An icy cold captured Julian Nagelsmann. It made him shiver. It crept up his legs, piercing every pore in his black shirt. He was completely at her mercy.

That’s what it feels like to become German champions with Bayern Munich. Little did Nagelsmann know that before, he had never won the championship as a young football coach, which can reasonably be explained by the fact that he was never the coach of the club that has now chartered the title for the 10th year in a row. – He celebrated his successes with showers of massive wheat beer.

There are advantages when the tournament remains exciting for a longer period of time, preferably until the last day of play in mid-May when it is warm outside. So the 34-year-old was wet down to his underpants and it didn’t help that it was much warmer here in the press room than in the stadium. However: He stated that it felt good there, and it was important to have that title right now. On this wonderful day in April, in the completely sold-out stadium against their worst rival Borussia Dortmund – 3:1 (2:0).

They were mostly in control, except for a stage after Dortmund’s penalty goal by Joshua Kimmich, when they lost control of what was then a fast-paced game. “It puts the season in a better light,” he said. One she deserved anyway. In this way, Nagelsmann was happy to freeze now.

The coach said that the players congratulated him from the bottom of their hearts and very sincerely

Outside, it was Benjamin Pavard who caught him first. It didn’t matter anymore, but maybe it wasn’t a coincidence either. On the other hand, because the French defender was at his best in this third inning, he literally snatched his giant, freshly filled glasses from the hands of the eight dirndl-clad women, in order to run past everyone he didn’t shower with. Unusual attack motive.

This tradition has not existed in Munich since Corona, and now they are there celebrating some of the frustration that the Champions League loss to Villarreal in the quarter-final left behind them, and the euphoria they did, showed that and the championship title was more than a consolation prize for the players. On the other hand, Pavard had already badly caught some opponents during the match: Dortmund’s Julian Brandt, for example, who should have given him a dark yellow card; Above all, Judd Bellingham: For a slipping tackle against him, Dortmund’s second penalty should have been due 2:2. But in both moments referee Daniel Seibert realized no mistake.

“This is an important moment for me,” Nagelsmann confirmed at the press conference. “It wasn’t that easy,” this year, there were some blows to the neck, “which it is not easy for me, as an ambitious person, to handle.” He did not clarify this, but the early exit from the Federation Cup against Monchengladbach, the quarter-final against Villarreal, the vaccination debates, the absence due to Corona, the dispute with Freiburg after a substitution error and the bad mood in the squad. , which is hard to explain – there may be a really easier first years.

Seine Spieler hätten ihm “aus tiefstem Herzen” und “sehr ehrlich” gratuliert, erzählte er, und dann folgte ein Satz, der zeigte, wie jung dieser Trainer tatsächlich ist: “Die haben haben tel auch ge winns alle winns he is.” Thomas Muller, 32, has had this experience eleven times now.

In the end, there’s something to think about: He’ll slightly reduce his frequent tactical changes

However, there was never a full glass of ecstasy in the press room, but on the contrary: there is a lot to think about. The eloquent Nagelsmann had recently had a few debates, but still wanted to remain true to his style, he explained, continuing to express his opinion and trying to “convey” the opinion of the board, with whom he carefully exchanged ideas. And perhaps this young coach sometimes went too far on tactical matters.

The bowl was only available as a cardboard copy this time around – Bayern Munich will get the real copy on the last day of the match in Wolfsburg.

(Photo: Matthias Hangst/Getty Images)

Nagelsmann explained that the team has essentially “played the same thing” over the past few years, which wasn’t necessarily a huge compliment – but gave them safety at critical moments. While he’s not someone who just shoves magnets on the tactic board to show what he can do tactically, he wouldn’t completely give up the three-man chain option. And of course there are always a lot of hard things to balance, like when Alphonso Davies is out for months Kingsley Coman prefers to play on the left, but Leroy Sane likes to play on the left half and Pavard prefers to play in the middle. Defense anyway.

But yes: his frequent tactical changes, which he will likely “reduce a bit” in the future. Perhaps this was a temporary result of the past two weeks, as many were analyzed and worked together.

It was announced that Julian Nagelsmann now wants in the remaining matches to reward the diligence of those players who have barely had time to play lately. However, the time until mid-May should not be easy – only due to open contract issues with Serge Gnabry and Robert Lewandowski, top scorers for Munich’s first two goals (15 and 34). Despite stomach problems, Gnabry played excellently for an hour, Lewandowski created a few chances and brought in many balls.

After that, the Pole was asked about the extension of his suspended contract – he said on the Sky Pay TV channel that he knew no more than that there would be a meeting soon. He didn’t say a word to him and it wasn’t an easy situation for him. And that it would be better to ask the club if they really want to keep him. It was as if the atmosphere in the conversation with the officials had cooled in the same way that Coach Nagelsmann did after showering with a wheat beer. At least for the next night, everyone was supposed to be a little warmer during the tournament festivities.

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