Baden-Württemberg turns 70 – news for children

Our country is not as old as you might think. It wasn’t until April 25, 1952 that three nations became one. Here’s a collection of facts from things you didn’t know about the country.

Happy birthday, dear Baden-Württemberg. Our federal state will turn 70 on April 25. That is why we explain what sets it apart, which famous people came from Ländle, which inventions were made here and how it is possible for three countries to become one in 1952.

How did the state of Baden-Württemberg arise? Three becomes one

After World War II, that is, in 1945, Germany was divided into four different regions called zones of occupation by the victorious nations of the war, the United States of America, Great Britain, France and the Soviet Union (today’s Russia). Since Germany was responsible for the war, the other countries wanted to make sure they had control of Germany for a while. The winning nations created new federal states. Baden-Württemberg as we know it today did not exist yet. In the north, the state of Württemberg-Baden was under the control of the United States, in the south-east under the French control was Württemberg-Hohenzollern, and in the south-west was the state of Baden. However, the residents of the three federal states did not like this new division of borders. Therefore, in 1951 they were allowed to vote on whether they wanted to become a common country.

Most people in the north and in the center voted “yes”, while the people of Baden voted “no” because they preferred to remain their federal state. “Baden has been overturned with a hoax,” explains Michael Weiner, head of the Freiburg branch of the Baden-Württemberg State Center for Political Education. Because the voting took place within the new borders, which meant that the residents of Baden in the north and south belonged to different federal states. So they didn’t get a chance. This unfair treatment binds the people of Baden together to this day. On April 25, 1952 at 12:30 pm, the state of Baden-Württemberg was proclaimed as a new federal state.

The knowledge you are proud of

With an area of ​​35,751 square kilometres, Baden-Württemberg is the third largest German federal state with an area of ​​about five million football fields. It has a population of 11.1 million and is located on Lake Constance, Germany’s largest lake. Baden-Württemberg is not only the brightest federal state in Germany, but also the state with the highest life expectancy of 82.05 years. There are world-famous companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Ritter Sport, toy manufacturers Steiff and the fashion company Hugo Boss. With Winfried Kretschmann, the state of Baden-Württemberg became the first prime minister, that is, the head of state, who comes from the “Green” party.

Who invented it?
The predecessor of the bicycle, the driessen, was invented by Carl von Drais in Mannheim in 1817.
The teddy bear was invented by Richard Steve in Jengen an der Prinz in 1902.
Dario Fontanella made the first macaroni ice cream in Mannheim in 1969.

So many talents
The people of Baden-Württemberg are not only inventors and entrepreneurs, but also other talents. Among the most famous today are musicians Max Geisinger and Crowe, Glass Berlinspiel, soccer player Joshua Kimmich, soccer coach Jogi Love and tennis legend Stevie Graf.
German violinist Anne Sophie

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